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Antony Leather shows you how to shave sev­eral de­grees off your graph­ics card tem­per­a­ture

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How to shave sev­eral de­grees off your GPU tem­per­a­ture.

Whether your graph­ics card is brand-new or it’s been churn­ing out frames for a year, there are plenty of tips for mak­ing it run cooler and faster. You can over­clock it, of course, and fine-tune the fan pro­file curve, but you can even im­prove its cool­ing if you don’t mind get­ting your hands dirty.

The ther­mal paste pro­vided with many graph­ics cards of­ten isn’t up to the stan­dard of high-per­for­mance ther­mal paste you can buy off the shelf, so re­plac­ing the old paste with a high-per­for­mance one will usu­ally im­prove tem­per­a­tures both at idle and load. If your graph­ics card has been chug­ging away for a while, it’s likely that some dust will have set­tled in­side the cooler too; in this guide, we’ll look at chang­ing the ther­mal paste and clean­ing your graph­ics card’s heatsink to make it run cooler. How­ever, chang­ing the ther­mal paste will void your war­ranty so pro­ceed at your own risk.

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