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Un­like many all-in-one liq­uid cool­ers, Frac­tal’s Cel­sius S24 is ex­pand­able with the same G1/4in fit­tings used with cus­tom wa­ter-cool­ing hard­ware, so you could add your own reser­voir or GPU wa­terblock. Its pump is also PWM-con­trolled, and if you de­cide to add more com­po­nents to the loop, both the ra­di­a­tor and wa­terblock are made from cop­per, so there’s no chance of gal­vanic cor­ro­sion ap­pear­ing as a re­sult of mixed met­als.

It em­ploys a sim­i­lar setup to EKWB’s Preda­tor cool­ers, with a ra­di­a­tor-based fan hub to min­imise ca­ble clut­ter. The S24’s two 120mm GP-12 fans con­nect straight to the hub, so there’s no need to use any motherboard fan head­ers for them. That just leaves the pump ca­ble, which con­nects to your motherboard’s CPU fan header be­fore lead­ing back to the pump and pass­ing up one of the flex­i­ble braided tubes to power the fans and hub. The re­sult of this neat ca­bling sys­tem is that the cooler is ex­tremely tidy com­pared with the likes of NZXT’s USB-con­trolled Krak­ens, which end up with a lot of ca­ble tan­gle. Twist­ing the con­trol dial on the pump tog­gles be­tween auto and PWM con­trol. The for­mer al­lows the unit to con­trol the pump and fan speed, while the lat­ter al­lows your motherboard to do the same. There’s good news for Ryzen fans too, as Frac­tal’s Cel­sius cool­ers are AM4-com­pat­i­ble out of the box, us­ing stan­dard Asetek fit­tings that use the AM4 socket’s back­plate, and they’re easy to in­stall on In­tel sock­ets as well.

The Cel­sius S24 was very quiet, be­ing in­audi­ble from 12in away at any set­ting be­low full speed. At both idle and load, it was the qui­etest all-in-one cooler we’ve tested, although tem­per­a­tures were a lit­tle high, with the cooler favour­ing low-noise op­er­a­tion. PWM mode saw the motherboard’s fan con­trol kick in, and tem­per­a­tures were very re­spectable, shad­ow­ing the Cooler Mas­ter MasterLiq­uid 240 in our In­tel sys­tems, and of­fer­ing great cool­ing on our AM4 test sys­tem.

It was in­audi­ble from 12in away at any set­ting be­low full speed


The Cel­sius S24 of­fers out­stand­ingly low noise, de­cent cool­ing and neat ca­bling, plus the op­tion to have ex­cep­tion­ally quiet noise lev­els with warmer tem­per­a­tures in auto mode. It isn’t too ex­pen­sive ei­ther, with the sim­i­lar Al­pha­cool Eis­baer 240 re­tail­ing for around £5 less, while the NZXT Kraken X52 will set you back £30 more. To top it all off, it’s even ex­pand­able. It all makes for a su­perb cooler – Frac­tal has nailed it.

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