HAVIT Magic Ea­gle Gam­ing


The HAVIT Magic Ea­gle acts as a case study in why some­times buy­ing the big­gest quan­tity of some­thing for the low­est price you can find isn’t al­ways the best op­tion. The Magic Ea­gle is a vast 900 x 300mm mouse mat, which is best de­ployed un­der­neath both your key­board and mouse, so you end up not be­ing able to run your mouse along most of its long, thin shape, and you re­ally end up want­ing to be able to use more of its space for your mouse.

The sur­face of the mat is slightly coarse – it’s not un­pleas­ant, but smoother mats feel more com­fort­able on your hand when gam­ing. On the plus side, the rub­bery un­der­side helps to grip the large mat to your desk, as does sit­ting your key­board on top of it. One pre­sum­ably un­in­tended side ef­fect of what­ever sub­stance is used for the un­der­side, though, is that the pad also smells pretty strong. The Magic Ea­gle does its job as a gam­ing mouse mat, but bet­ter, less smelly de­signs can be had else­where.

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