Po­lar Mag­net Pen + Sty­lus

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Pens lend them­selves to be­ing taken to bits. The down­side, of course, is that they can tend to ei­ther not go back to­gether again, or go into full oc­to­pus panic mode and get ink all over the place. How­ever, The Po­lar Mag­netic Pen is de­signed to be dis­man­tled with­out leav­ing you spat­tered with ink.

It’s a ball­point pen en­cased in a stack of strongly mag­netic neodymium hoops, with which you can mon­key about like an older, yet equally eas­ily amused, ver­sion of your child self (you can stick to them sides to make dif­fer­ent shapes, for ex­am­ple), or you can use the pen for writ­ing. The pen’s ap­peal will be pro­por­tion­ate to your rea­son for want­ing one. As a writ­ing im­ple­ment, it’s rel­a­tively heavy and not that com­fort­able to hold, but you can’t go too far wrong with mag­nets for pro­cras­ti­na­tion, and if you do go wrong, you also get two spare sec­tions.

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