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At first I thought the SilverStone ES02-USB wire­less re­mote to turn your PC on and off was a good idea. Then I thought about it and quickly re­alised it’s a com­plete waste of money. Firstly, some people leave their PCs switched on 24/7, so they wouldn’t need it. Some people also leave their PC in sleep mode and they wouldn’t need it ei­ther.

My PC’s power switch is at arm’s length from my seat­ing po­si­tion, so I wouldn’t buy it. Also, if I had the re­mote and it was on my desk, my PC’s power but­ton would be nearer to me. That leads me to other rea­sons it won’t sell. For it to ben­e­fit you with re­gards to your PC’s po­si­tion, you’d al­ways need to keep it nearer to you than your PC’s power but­ton. What hap­pens when you or your other half dusts the PC area? The re­mote will al­ways get moved, es­pe­cially if it’s any­thing like our TV re­mote. Like­wise, if you have kids – they’re likely to see it, pick it up and move it – if it’s any­thing like our house, it will just get lost.

You could say it’s ideal for HTPCs, yet that could come with its own re­mote, or people would al­ready have one. Then that leads to an­other prob­lem. Your ar­ti­cle showed how to re­move the on/ but­ton from your case. What hap­pens if you lose the ES02-USB? You then can’t turn on your PC. I think it’s one of those items that seems to be a good idea, but then

when you con­sider the mar­ket, it’s very niche. Count me out. JU­LIAN VICARI

Ben: Well, I think you’ve made a very good case for the SilverStone ES02USB not be­ing for you and your house­hold, Ju­lian! To be fair, it’s prob­a­bly not for me ei­ther, for many of the rea­sons you list above. That said, it may well be a niche prod­uct, but then so are many of the prod­ucts and ideas we fea­ture – the beauty of hav­ing a cus­tom com­puter setup is that it’s tai­lored for your own in­di­vid­ual needs, rather than what the ma­jor­ity of people nec­es­sar­ily want.

Like you, my PC is on my desk within arm’s reach, but some people don’t have room for that, and may have their PC un­der the desk, or in an­other place that’s not con­ve­nient to reach from their seat. Some people, un­like you and I, also don’t have kids and are more care­ful when dust­ing their desks!

Don’t rely solely on a wire­less PC re­mote if you think you’re likely to lose it

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