CA­BLE TIDY Mud­der Ca­ble Man­age­ment Sleeve/£ 5.99 inc VAT

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The Mud­der Ca­ble Man­age­ment Sleeve feels like it was cre­ated to pro­vide an op­tion for people who want to tidy ca­bles, but for some rea­son also want it to be a chal­lenge. You thread ca­bles in and out of it, mean­ing the nest of ca­bles that can build up around com­put­ers, hi-fi sys­tems and so on is tech­ni­cally man­aged. The sleeve has holes up and down its length, and fas­tens with Vel­cro to hold it to­gether. Get­ting sev­eral ca­bles squared away into the Mud­der can be a slow process, though, and adding ad­di­tional ca­bles later on can be dif­fi­cult too. It’s def­i­nitely an im­prove­ment over ca­ble spaghetti when it’s in place, but there are more prac­ti­cal ca­ble-tidy­ing op­tions that are eas­ier to use.

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