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De­vel­oped by the cu­ri­ously named Scrap­ing Bot­tom games, Fic­to­rum is an Ac­tion RPG that puts the ‘war’ back into ‘war­lock’. Set in an open world of rolling hills and sprawl­ing panora­mas, Fic­to­rum casts you as a mage on a mis­sion of vengeance in a fan­tasy realm dev­as­tated by reck­less use of magic.

Fic­to­rum’s main fea­ture is the sheer de­struc­tive po­ten­tial of your wiz­ardly pow­ers. Your charred gri­moire in­cludes spells such as fire­balls that can oblit­er­ate en­tire build­ings, and light­ning storms that will turn vil­lages into gi­gan­tic piles of ash. Along­side let­ting you un­leash the apoca­lypse from your fin­ger­tips, Fic­to­rum also lets you get cre­ative with Ar­maged­don. It boasts a spell-shap­ing sys­tem that en­ables you to de­sign your own hor­ri­ble hexes and cat­a­clysmic curses by col­lect­ing and com­bin­ing dif­fer­ent kinds of runes.

It all sounds fan­tas­tic, and those de­light­fully de­struc­tive spells cer­tainly look the part in mo­tion. The only ques­tion lies over the game’s long-term ap­peal. Fic­to­rum’s world looks large, but it also looks fairly sparse, while story and char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion seem min­i­mal com­pared with ex­plo­ration and com­bat. Fic­to­rum could be bril­liantly fo­cused, or it could end up se­ri­ously un­der­cooked. We’ll find out in a cou­ple of months.

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