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Be­fore com­mit­ting it­self to de­sign­ing ter­mi­nally bland first­per­son shoot­ers with Halo, Bungie cre­ated a su­perb game called Myth. A real-time tac­tics game, Myth saw you con­trol­ling small groups of warriors, archers and bomb-chuck­ing dwarves in a grand and bloody bat­tle against hordes of un­dead warriors. Dead­hold is a shame­less suc­ces­sor to Myth, giv­ing it a modern-day makeover.

Like Myth, Dead­hold is a fan­tasy game that sees you con­trol­ling a small group of sol­diers fight­ing against a much larger force of un­dead, and you need to em­ploy tac­tics to avoid be­ing slaugh­tered. Your warriors can form a de­fen­sive wall to block the en­emy’s ad­vance, while your archers and ord­nance-laden goblins can use high ground to their ad­van­tage, and rain ar­rows and bombs on the un­dead forces.

Dead­hold’s most in­ter­est­ing fea­ture is that bat­tles are phys­i­cally mod­elled. In­di­vid­ual ar­rows can pierce dif­fer­ent en­emy body parts, while dwar­ven bombs can blast un­dead reg­i­ments into pieces, with body parts act­ing as fleshy shrap­nel. Along­side Myth, the de­vel­oper cites Dawn of War as in­spi­ra­tion for mak­ing the bat­tles punchy and spec­tac­u­lar. Un­like Myth, Dead­hold also lets you un­lock dif­fer­ent spells and weapons as you progress, while the loot sys­tem en­ables you to ad­just your tac­tics on the bat­tle­field.

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