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Custom PC - - FEEDBACK -

AndyTWoods Bang for buck, are water-cooled PCs worth it? Are they re­ally that more silent? Getting a new @chill­blast but, no H20 there.

Ben: Bang for buck, no, at least not in terms of raw re­sults. Bear in mind that water-cooled PCs do also need fans, and there’s pump noise too, but if they’re set up right, they can be sig­nif­i­cantly qui­eter than PCs with all-in­one liq­uid cool­ers or stan­dard air cool­ers.

Not ev­ery­one wants water cool­ing for noise either – some peo­ple want it to gain extra over­clock­ing head­room.

Don’t get me wrong, cus­tom water-cool­ing gear can make for both a qui­eter and faster PC than con­ven­tional cool­ing, but you do end up pay­ing a lot more money for it. It’s a cost I’m happy to pay, be­cause low noise is a top pri­or­ity and, if I’m hon­est, be­cause wa­ter­cool­ing gear just looks ab­so­lutely great. In terms of hard, raw per­for­mance for money, though, you un­doubt­edly get bet­ter value from con­ven­tional cool­ing. On an­other note, Chill­blast

does make some water­cooled PCs, such as the Fu­sion Rollcage and Fu­sion Plat­inum 2, but they’re not cheap. ben­pyle83 it’s been 23 is­sues since the last Dream PC seg­ment... surely

with x299 & Sky­lake-X we’re due a geek­gasm of elec­tronic good­ness.

Ben: I should think we’re most cer­tainly due some Dream PC fun in the mag­a­zine soon, not just with Sky­lake-X, but per­haps also with Thread­rip­per.

It may be a few months yet (Dream PCs take a long time to plan and build), but we’ll be on the case shortly!

JonThur­low1 So, af­ter the last few mags that’s a new key­board, 3,440 x 1,440 mon­i­tor & 2x 4TB HDDs. Stop, for the love of god, my wal­let pleads! Ben: Next step a new CPU, mother­board and graphics card?!

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