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Welsh­man Mould on his Com­mon­wealth sil­ver and dreams of Flan­ders

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On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your last race?

It was the Tour of Bri­tain, which is al­ways a good race on home roads with home crowds. I’d give it an eight but if you had asked me half­way through the team time trial up Whin­lat­ter Pass it would have been a bit lower.

What’s been the high­light of your sea­son so far?

The sil­ver medal at the Com­mon­wealth Games road race was the high­light. Just be­cause I went there to try and win a medal on the track and had a re­ally dis­ap­point­ing time in Glas­gow four years be­fore it, so I was re­ally up for it. Then it didn’t come off on the track as I fin­ished sixth or sev­enth, so was close but ac­tu­ally nowhere near. Then in the road race I just rode it right and it was one of those days where it comes off, so I was re­ally chuffed. I thought I was rid­ing for Luke [Rowe] all day, and hadn’t even thought about it. I just turned up to ride a bike race and it came off. Some­times if you’re not try­ing as hard it just works out.

If you could win any race in your ca­reer what would it be?

Prob­a­bly the Tour of Flan­ders, that would be a mega one. Not that it would ever hap­pen but that would be the best. I al­ways watched Flan­ders and Roubaix when I was younger and they were al­ways the ones I wanted to win.

When did you know you wanted to be a pro cy­clist?

I don’t know, I started rid­ing when I was 14 so it was ac­tu­ally quite late. Then I got on to the Academy and moved up when I was 18. So that was kind of it re­ally, and I haven’t done any­thing else since.

What would you be if you weren’t a pro cy­clist?

I haven’t re­ally thought about it to be hon­est, but it would prob­a­bly be some­thing within cy­cling such as a coach or some­thing.

Best piece of ad­vice you have ever been given?

When I was young it was al­ways a case of hav­ing fun and I kind of al­ways try and pass that on to peo­ple now. When you are en­joy­ing it ev­ery­thing seems eas­ier and that’s what I’ve done since I started. I al­ways liked bike rid­ing from the be­gin­ning and if you’re not en­joy­ing it then I think you should try some­thing else. If there are bad days you just need to crack on through them and keep go­ing and see how it goes.

Who has been the most im­por­tant per­son in shap­ing your cy­cling ca­reer?

There have been a few to be hon­est; def­i­nitely my fam­ily when I first started, as they were tak­ing me here, there and ev­ery­where, as I was a ju­nior rider. Then John Herety, he is prob­a­bly the best team man­ager I’ve had for a while and took me on at the end of 2015. And, of course, my girl­friend, who keeps me on the straight and nar­row.

What gets your vote as the most an­noy­ing thing a rider can do in the pelo­ton?

It winds me up when you’re rid­ing along in a bunch and peo­ple start to look around for their mate, as you do, but then end up over­lap­ping the wheel in front and nearly crash­ing. It’s quite com­mon, as a lot of peo­ple do it, but it’s just like, “Con­cen­trate on where you’re go­ing!”

Mould’s mo­ti­va­tion is based on a foun­da­tion of fun

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