Fo­cus on feel­ing rather than de­pend­ing on data

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Ride 1: Fo­cus on feel­ing

Warm up for 10 min­utes, then ride a favourite route. Take time to be aware of sen­sa­tions of breath­ing, pedal pres­sure, ca­dence, bal­ance, mus­cle strength and mus­cle ‘warmth’. For some time in this ride, seek to ex­pe­ri­ence power and speed. Don’t look at your ride com­puter at any stage of the ride, but when you’re done have a good look at the data and com­pare it to pre­vi­ous rides.

Ride 2: Six-minute hill

Warm up with a pro­gres­sive ef­fort for 20 min­utes, then do a strong ef­fort up a six-minute hill. Pace it so that you’re work­ing hard at the end but have enough in the tank to re­peat the hill twice more at the same ef­fort. On all three as­cents, pay at­ten­tion to how you feel at set points on the hill.

Ride 3: Aer­o­bic in­ter­vals

Ride easy for five min­utes. Spend three min­utes ramp­ing up to the point where you’re breath­ing hard but can still talk in com­plete sen­tences. For the next three min­utes grad­u­ally in­crease the power un­til your legs be­gin to feel a slight burn. Drop the power a bit and main­tain this ef­fort un­til the burn in your legs in­creases to the point where it hurts. At this point stop the in­ter­val and re­cover un­til your breath­ing slows enough for you to talk in com­plete sen­tences again. Re­peat un­til you get to 55 min­utes, then warm down for the fi­nal five min­utes. Ride wher­ever, how­ever and as far as you want. Just have fun tak­ing in the scenery, feel­ing the bike be­neath you and re­mind­ing your­self why you came to love cy­cling in the first place.

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