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hen it comes to hand­built cus­tom frames, Italy is a true su­per­power. The coun­try has al­ways had a wealth of ar­ti­sans, cre­at­ing mas­ter­pieces in steel and ti­ta­nium, and while the car­bon curves of the Dean­ima Un­blended #1 may not make us nos­tal­gic for the glory days of Ital­ian bikes, it does rep­re­sent Ital­ian frame­build­ing get­ting back to its roots.

‘We’re a com­pany about pas­sion and we’re do­ing this be­cause we like mak­ing bikes,’ says co-founder Matt Caz­zaniga. Dean­ima pro­duces its frames en­tirely in-house, and Caz­zaniga is one of three cre­ators of the brand, along with An­to­nio At­tana­sio and Gianni Pe­goretti.

The lat­ter is the brother of Dario Pe­goretti, who is famed for his cus­tom steel frames. They worked to­gether for some time but even­tu­ally went their separate ways, and Gianni branched into car­bon pro­duc­tion with San Pa­trig­nano, a char­ity that trains re­cov­ered drug ad­dicts in frame­build­ing. It was there that Pe­goretti met his star pupil, At­tana­sio, and to­gether with former Pe­goretti sales agent Caz­zaniga they formed Dean­ima.

The Un­blended #1 is Dean­ima’s first bike, although it has un­der­gone a few tweaks since it de­buted in 2013. The frame is a tube-to-tube con­struc­tion sim­i­lar to al­most every cus­tom car­bon frame on the mar­ket, but Dean­ima goes to greater lengths than most in build­ing its own tubes, not just wrap­ping them to­gether.

‘We make all the tubes our­selves ex­cept for the seat tube, which is a very stan­dard tube and so not one we see much ad­van­tage in mak­ing in-house. All the re­main­ing tubes, dropouts and even the brake bridge are formed and moulded by us,’ Caz­zaniga says.

While many cus­tom frame­builders would see this as an op­por­tu­nity to boast of be­spoke lay-ups and tuned ride qual­ity, Caz­zaniga squashes such thoughts: ‘I find it very hard to be­lieve a bike­builder looks at a rider and a re­quest and sim­ply says, “OK, I’ll take three lay­ers of car­bon out here and change the weave there.” It’s

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