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In re­al­ity, most of us lack the time and re­sources for lengthy trips to alti­tude. But what if you could high-alti­tude train with­out ever leav­ing home? Well, you can. As well as of­fer­ing its alti­tude cham­ber as an ef­fec­tive train­ing fa­cil­ity to those city dwellers (or work­ers) close enough to reg­u­larly ac­cess it, The Alti­tude Cen­tre, in Lon­don’s bank­ing district (al­ti­tude­cen­, also of­fers rental pack­ages for equip­ment that’s easy and safe to use in your usual home-train­ing en­vi­ron­ment. Hy­poxic air gen­er­a­tor (in­clud­ing mask, con­nec­tive tubes etc): from £225 per month. Alti­tude tent: from £50 per month.

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