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…The fall­out from Gianni Moscon’s ad­mis­sion of racial abuse

‘The UCI needs to be strong on this. The Moscon af­fair is a se­ri­ous one. What [Sky rider] Moscon said to [FDJ rider] Kevin Reza was un­ac­cept­able and goes com­pletely against what the UCI stands for. I am watch­ing the Moscon af­fair very care­fully. If, af­ter racially abus­ing one rider, he then pushed one of his team­mates off his bike, then he has noth­ing to do with cy­cling.’

…The bo­gus use of Ther­a­peu­tic Use Ex­emp­tions

‘It’s clear that you can use TUES to avoid the nor­mal rules. I saw what Shane Sut­ton said and I wasn’t very com­fort­able with it. If you have a TUE, it’s not to boost your per­for­mance. So I want to have an in­de­pen­dent med­i­cal re­view in time for 2019, and maybe in some dis­ci­plines you can add some other prod­ucts – Tra­madol, for ex­am­ple – to the banned list.’

…For­mer dop­ers now work­ing in cy­cling

‘We can’t change the past. Some peo­ple have paid their debt to cy­cling so­ci­ety. But I don’t think I will be con­sult­ing Lance Arm­strong on strat­egy. He was the one who took money from other rid­ers. There were rid­ers who stayed within the rules. They lost part of their ca­reer be­cause of him. He took the other guys for noth­ing – he had no hu­mil­ity. I’m very clear on what Lance’s story is.’

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