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IN A week that saw ghouls, ghosts, rock­ets and bangers, the fourth round of league ac­tion saw frights and fire­works as the teams fought it out at a red hot pace for all the avail­able points with the di­vi­sions now be­gin­ning to take shape.

Now is the time to start show­ing your tung­sten nerves or risk be­ing given the rocket and be­ing cut adrift at this early stage giv­ing your­selves a lot to do.

DIVI­SION ONE BAILI-GLAS B .............. 11 HEOLGERRIG SO­CIAL CLUB ............................... 0

THIS was a Night­mare on Twyn Hill as Heolgerrig suf­fered a Hal­loween Hor­ror Show and Bon­fire Night Rocket all in one as they were blitzed by their hosts in an 11-0 white­wash.

Iory Haines, Trad Davies and Meirion Evans were the first to feel the Baili’s fire­power with Geraint Thomas 140, Jeff Pearce and Steve Haman break­ing throw to put the hosts one-up and 2-0 soon fol­lowed with Matthew Quin­lan 135, An­drew Rough 100 and Kevin Roberts hold­ing over Ray Williams, Bob Watkins and Mike Evans 140 in the sec­ond and fi­nal triples.

The first pairs leg went the way of the Baili with Matthew Quin­lan 100 and An­drew Rough break­ing Iory Haines 140 and Colin Mor­gan and with Steve Haman and Mervyn Matthews then suc­cess­fully hold­ing over Mike Evans 3x100 and Bob Watkins in a hard fought game the hosts went 4-0 ahead. Geraint Thomas 100, 140, 105 out and Jeff Pearce then com­pleted a clean sweep of the pairs and a five-zip lead go­ing into the sin­gles match-ups with a break over Meirion Evans and Trad Davies in the fi­nal pairs leg.

Jeff Pearce 105, 121, 134, 140, 180, in­clud­ing a 16dart first leg, held throw in the first sin­gles (2-1) over Colin Mor­gan 100, 140 mak­ing it 6-0 with the Mighty Quinn Matthew Quin­lan 3x100, 135, 137, 140, 145, in­clud­ing a 15dart sec­ond leg, adding to the hosts’ to­tal with a break (2-0) against Iory Haines 100. The Prince of Style Geraint Thomas 100, 121, 140, 180 held (2-0) over Bob Watkins 101, 180 as the Baili surged fur­ther ahead with Mervyn Matthews 100, 117, 125, 140 in legs of 16 and 19 darts beat­ing Mike Evans to make it 9-0. An­drew Rough 100, 140 held over Ray Williams as the home side kept the on­slaught go­ing with Steve Haman 100, 118, 140 then break­ing Meirion Evans 121, 137 to com­plete a tremen­dous win for the hosts but a night to for­get for the trounced trav­ellers.

MERTHYR LABOUR CLUB ............................... 8 HILLS PLY­MOUTH CRICKET CLUB ............. 3

THE Cric dumped their hosts out of the Wor­thing­ton’s Cup in the sec­ond week of cup ac­tion at the be­gin­ning of the sea­son so the Labour Club knew they were in for a hard bat­tle and were hell bent on re­venge for that cup de­feat.

Wayne Davies 140, Ja­son Bayn­ham and Chris Galleozzie served no­tice of in­tent in the open­ing triples with a break over Dean Lewis, Ja­son Castaldi 140 and Ja­son Wood­ford and 2-0 then ap­peared on the hosts’ half of the score­board with Gareth Dunn, Rob Evans 140 and David Rowlands 100, 140 hold­ing throw over Craig Clay­ton 100, Rhys Lee 140 and Phil Lewis in the last of the triples.

Gareth Dunn 100 and Ron Mor­gan took the first pairs for the home side with a break over Ja­son Castaldi and Craig Clay­ton and then a hold from Chris Galleozzie 100 and Ja­son Bayn­ham 140 over Rhys Lee and Phil Lewis saw the Labour Club take a com­mand­ing 4-0 lead. Dean Lewis and Ja­son Wood­ford 100 then got the visitors into the game with a hold over Wayne Davies and Kevin Ma­honey to cut the deficit go­ing into the vi­tal sin­gles matches.

Gareth Dunn 3x100, 180 held throw in the first sin­gles (2-0) over Phil Lewis 100 mak­ing it 5-1 be­fore Craig Clay­ton 4x100 beat Wayne Davies 3x100, 125, 3x140 with a 2-1 hold in a tremen­dous game to pull a sec­ond point back for the away side. Ron Mor­gan 4x100 held over Ja­son Wood­ford 2x100 ex­tend­ing the hosts’ lead and then a 2-1 break from Chris Galleozzie 2x100, 2x121, 140, 180 over Ja­son Castaldi 3x100, 110, 140 putting the home side 7-2 ahead. Ja­son Bayn­ham 2x100, 102 held over Rhys Lee 140 fur­ther adding to the hosts’ to­tal be­fore Deadly Dean Lewis 3x100, 140, 147 out beat David Rowlands 5x100, 140, 119 out with a 2-1 hold in a fan­tas­tic game earn­ing the visitors a vi­tal third point.


THE Dag­gers’ strug­gling start to the sea­son con­tin­ues but this was a bet­ter per­for­mance as they were just pipped this week by their hosts at the Grawen Arms.

Kevin Down­ing, Lloyd Davies and Karl Manns held throw over a dis­ap­pointed Phil Locke 100, Kerry Green and Ja­son Launch­bury 140 as missed dou­bles cost dear giv­ing the away side an early lead but it was short lived with Steve Thomas 2x100, Lyn Jones 100 and Roy El­e­ment suc­cess­fully hold­ing over Derek Dob­bins, Phil Mor­ris and Dai Phelps 100 for a level game.

Phil Mor­ris 100, 140 and Karl Manns 100 pro­duced a great hold over Phil Locke 125 and Lyn Jones in the first pairs with War­ren Rees 100 and Kevin Down­ing then break­ing Steve Thomas and Ja­son Launch­bury to put the Dag­gers 3-1 ahead. A hold from Derek Dob­bins 123 and Dai Phelps 100 over a bat­tling Kerry Green 100, 125 and Roy El­e­ment 137 then saw the visitors go 4-1 and seem­ingly on course for a sea­son’s first league win as the sides read­ied them­selves for the sin­gles bat­tles.

Phil Locke 3x100, 140 sparked the Grawen into life in the first sin­gles with a hard fought 2-1 hold over Derek Dob­bins 137, 140 and then a su­perb break (2-1) from Steve Thomas 2x100, 121, 140 over Phil Mor­ris 100, 139, 140 kept the hosts believ­ing a come­back was on. The Ever­green Kerry Green 3x100, 140 bat­tled past War­ren Rees 100, 116 with a 2-1 hold lev­el­ling the match at 4-4 be­fore the liv­ing leg­end Adrian Thomas 100, 135, 140 broke (2-0) over Karl Manns 132 edg­ing the hosts into a 5-4 lead. Ja­son “the javelin” Launch­bury 2x100, 140 beat Lloyd Davies 100 with a 2-0 break to put the Grawen into a 6-4 lead with Dai Phelps 4x100 then hold­ing (2-1) over Lyn Jones 3x100, 125, 140 in a hard fought last game to com­plete the scor­ing for the away side.


MERTHYR Con Club con­tinue their great start to the sea­son with an­other fine win, this time over the vis­it­ing Pentrebach Labour.

Jonathon Davies 100, Ron Phillips and C Thomas got the Con off to a great start with a break over M Price, Gwyn Jones and Josh O’Keefe but the lead was short lived as Tony Gal­liers, Gary Cham­pion and Gra­ham Price 140 broke back over Colin Lloyd, John Hul­bert and Ge­off Jack­son to level at one apiece.

The first pairs saw the break-of-throw theme con­tinue with C Thomas and Jonathon Davies 100, 140 edg­ing past the vet­eran duo Tony Gal­liers 180 and Gary Cham­pion but the Labour Club bounced back with Gwyn Jones and Gra­ham Price get­ting the bet­ter of Ed­die Cun­ning­ton and John Hubby. The fifth game of the match saw a fifth con­sec­u­tive break of throw with Chris Price and Greg How­ells beat­ing M Price and Ed­die Jones giv­ing the Con a slen­der 3-2 lead head­ing into the sin­gles matchups.

Red-hot C Thomas 3x100, 2x140, 60 out took the first sin­gles with a (20) hold over Josh O’Keefe putting the Con 4-2 ahead but back came the away side with Tony “The Tiger” Gal­liers 4x100 hold­ing (2-0) over Jonathon Davies 100, 135. Chris Price 100, 140 edged past Ed­die Jones for a 5-3 lead be­fore Gwyn Jones put a fourth point on the board for Pentrebach with a 2-1 hold over Colin Lloyd 119. Greg How­ells 3x100 beat Gary Cham­pion 100, 114 (2-0) putting the hosts 6-4 ahead with Ed­die Cun­ning­ton 100 then com­plet­ing the vic­tory with a 2-1 break over a stunned Gra­ham Price 3x100, 121.

PENYDARREN SO­CIAL CLUB A ........................... 4 BAILI-GLAS A ................ 7

WOW! A sec­ond win on the trot for the Baili A – a re­vival and come­back could be on.

The Baili started well with Viv Mor­gan, Hy­wel Llewellyn 100 and Terry Mor­gan 100 hold­ing throw over Glen Jones, Peter McCarthy and S Clark and a fol­low­ing break from Brian Roberts 100, Alan Mee and Tim Charleston over Wayne Lee , Michael Bond 100 and BS Thomas saw the visitors go 2-0 ahead go­ing into the pairs legs.

The first pairs saw Brian Roberts 100 and Terry Mor­gan hold over Phil Bond and Jonathon Evans putting the visitors 3-0 ahead which then be­came 4-0 with An­drew Mor­gan 100 and Viv Mor­gan break­ing the darts of Glen Jones 100 and Peter McCarthy. The fi­nal pairs went the way of the Baili in a clean sweep and a 5-0 lead with Hy­wel Llewellyn 100 and Ian Thomas suc­cess­fully hold­ing over Nigel Owen and Mike Bond.

The first of the sin­gles games went against the throw with Viv Mor­gan 140 break­ing Wayne Lee (2-0) giv­ing the visitors a 6-0 lead but then they took their foot off the pedal as the Pen got flow­ing and mounted a spir­ited fight­back. Nigel Owen 100, 135 beat Hy­wel Llewellyn 100, 180, in­clud­ing a 17-dart sec­ond leg, by a 2-1 break as Big H missed 12 darts at a dou­ble in the first leg, and Jonathon Evans 100, 140 then held 2-0 over Ian Thomas 100 as the home side put a sec­ond point on the board. Michael Bond 4x100 broke the throw (20) of Alan Mee 140 putting a third point up for the hosts but then a very hard fought tenth game saw Brian Roberts 2x100, 140 break Phil Bond 100, 125, 140 by a 2-1 mar­gin to put the Baili 7-3 ahead be­fore the home side took the last game with a 2-0 break as Glen Jones 100, 124, 125 beat Tim Charleston with the away player hit­ting the dou­bles next door to the ones he wanted. Again!

DIVI­SION THREE CYFARTHFA ARMS ...... 8 RED LION ....................... 3

THE Cyfarthfa fi­nally opened their ac­count for the 2017/18 cam­paign as they si­lenced the roar of the vis­it­ing Red Lion in a very en­ter­tain­ing game.

S Ridge­way, H Jones 125 and S Green­away got the hosts up and run­ning with a fine break over John Vret­tos, Jamie Cham­ber­lain and Jake Howard and soon it was 2-0 with Jarred Rus­sell 100, Do­minic Il­lari and M Ab­bruzzese hold­ing over Richard Cala­hane, Allen Moore and Richard Howard in a nip ’n’ tuck game.

M Ab­bruzzese and Do­minic Il­lari kept the home side mov­ing along with a break in the first pairs over John Vret­tos 100 and Jamie Cham­ber­lain and a great hold from H Jones 140 and N Price over Paul Scott-Thomas and Jake Howard then saw the home side go 4-0 ahead. Jarred Rus­sell 100 and S Ridge­way then put the Cyfarthfa just one point away from their first win with a break over Richard Cala­hane and Allen Moore for a 5-0 lead ahead of the sin­gles legs.

Allen Moore 140 got the Lion to find its voice in the first sin­gles with a break over S Ridge­way with Paul Scott-Thomas then adding a sec­ond with a hold over N Price. A bat­tling Richard Cala­hane broke Do­minic Il­lari in the next leg which gave the Lion hopes of a re­mark­able come­back, but this was dashed in the next game with H Jones break­ing a des­per­ately un­lucky Richard Howard 3x100 to put the hosts 6-3 ahead. M Ab­bruzzese held throw over Jamie Cham­ber­lain in game 10 and with Jarred Rus­sell break­ing Jake Howard in the last game, the home side took the game 8-3 for a great win.

VNU ................................ 3 DYNEVOR ARMS .......... 8

THE “Dyn” made the trip “up­town” to face the VNU and found the venue very much to their lik­ing with a fine 8-3 away win.

Er­rold Jones 100, Gareth Jenk­ins and Mark Hadley got the hosts off to a good start with a break over M Ed­munds, N Jones and B Ed­munds 140 but the lead was brief as Ash­ley Mayne 100, NC Jones, S Bar­nett 123 broke back over Rhi­an­non Jenk­ins, O Clay­ton and Steve Dar­low for a level game.

Ken­drick Howe and Gra­ham Elias lost in the first pairs as M Ed­munds and B Ed­munds pro­duced the first hold of the game putting the Dyn 2-1 ahead but the scores were soon level again with Tracey Goode and Gareth Jenk­ins 121 get­ting the bet­ter of A James and NC Jones. The fi­nal pairs went with throw as Ash­ley Mayne and Steve Bar­nett 120 beat Clive Pow­ell and Rhi­an­non Jenk­ins to give the visitors the lead head­ing into the sin­gles legs.

Ash­ley Mayne 2x140 was in great shape with a first sin­gles break over Steve Dar­low putting the Dyn 4-2 ahead but the home side cut the deficit to a sin­gle point with Er­rold Jones break­ing M Ed­munds putting a third point on the board for the VNU. The visitors then went into over­drive with B Ed­munds 140 break­ing Gareth Jenk­ins 100 and A James 120 hold­ing over Clive Pow­ell 100 putting the away side 6-3 ahead. W Mor­gan broke Mark Hadley putting the Dyn 7-3 up with Steve Bar­nett then com­plet­ing the win with a hold over Ken­drick Howe.

COL­LIERS CWTCH ....... 5 SIL­VER BUL­LET ............ 6

THIS was a closely fought con­test which could have gone ei­ther way with both sides giv­ing their all.

Steven Walker, Dean Jenk­ins and Christo­pher Davies 123 started well for the Bul­let hold­ing over G Jones 100, Vic Hard­ing and P Beck but the lead was short lived with Aaron Beck, R Davies and G Williams 100 fight­ing back against Marc Roberts, C How­ells and St­ef­fan Williams for a level match.

Dean Jenk­ins and Christo­pher Davies 100 re­gained the lead for the visitors with a hold in the first pairs over Owain Locke and J Watts but again the Cwtch caught up with H Lawrence and J Bow­cott edg­ing past St­ef­fan Williams and C How­ells 100 apiece. The fifth game saw a fifth hold of throw with Sharif Ra­sul and Brian Birch 100, 140 beat­ing P Beck and G Jones for a slen­der 3-2 lead head­ing into the sin­gles.

St­ef­fan “Van” Williams 100 made it 4-2 with a break over Owain Locke but the home side replied in some style with H Lawrence 3x100 and J Watts beat­ing Christo­pher 100 and Steven Walker re­spec­tively to level at four apiece. Brian Birch 100 edged the visitors ahead again with vic­tory over J Bow­cott 2x100 and then a fine hold from Sharif Ra­sul 133 over G Williams 100 put the Bul­let 6-4 ahead. G Jones then added a fifth point to the hosts’ to­tal with a hard fought break over Marc Roberts in the fi­nal game of the match. Week Three re­ports – page 7

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