Jerusalem should be a neu­tral site

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DoN­ALD trump is wrong if he thinks mak­ing Jerusalem the cap­i­tal of is­rael will solve prob­lems in the mid­dle East.

A bet­ter cap­i­tal of the Holy Land could be in gaza, in the same way the cap­i­tal of ger­many is Ber­lin, which also suf­fered se­gre­ga­tion with a su­per­fi­cial wall.

The 12 tribes could be re-es­tab­lished as prov­inces and then agree to dis­agree, like hap­pens be­tween the Flem­ish, Wal­loons and other groups in Bel­gium, which has a shared cap­i­tal re­gion like gaza could be­come. The na­tional assem­bly could be power-shar­ing like in North­ern ire­land, with equal num­bers of rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the prov­inces, which could also have rec­on­cil­i­a­tion com­mit­tees on the ba­sis of rep­re­sen­tiv­ity, like the so­cial part­ners in the Eu.

in the first in­stance the whole of the Holy Land could be recog­nised as two coun­tries, one called is­rael and one called Pales­tine. Then even­tu­ally, if they agree, a com­mon lan­guage like the Bel­gians have done in the form of English and the ge­og­ra­phy could have a new name as a sin­gle coun­try.

There are sev­eral mounts in­side Jerusalem be­lieved to be the Holy mount Zion and both sides will want to claim those places as their own. The only role Jerusalem could ever play re­al­is­ti­cally is as a neu­tral cen­tre of wor­ship for all faiths, but even then end­ing the bomb­ings of places of wor­ship that take place ev­ery day will take time to end. Jonathan Bishop Efail Isaf, Pon­typridd

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