Our pride and pur­pose are lost

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WHAT­EVER your age, Christ­mas is a time for hope, for dreams, and for mem­o­ries and in my 88th year I in­vite my fel­lowwrin­klies to join me in thank­ing the Almighty for hav­ing lived at a time in our his­tory when hope and dreams were in abun­dance with mem­o­ries to savour.

So what has gone wrong to make me fear that my off­spring and theirs will not be so lucky? When the war ended, ev­ery­one vowed “never again” and we all naively be­lieved the lessons had been learned, new tech­nol­ogy would im­prove our qual­ity of life, we’d live longer, be more healthy, more pros­per­ous, wiser and kin­der to our fel­low men.

In­stead life has be­come a rat-race in or out of the fast lane, peo­ple have lost the hu­man core to love and like, be­com­ing more self­ish, more brutish and less tol­er­ant.

It seems our once truly great coun­try has lost both pride and pur­pose and the re­spect it mer­ited.

Hav­ing trav­elled the world and worked for 72 years, I cite as the main cause of our demise the in­cred­i­ble speed and growth of com­mu­ni­ca­tions; com­mu­ni­ca­tion meth­ods and chan­nels so pro­lific that what once was seen as a bless­ing, in­valu­able to progress, has be­come an out of con­trol disas­ter that no one can trust.

It is no longer the truly great men and women – ed­u­cated, mo­ti­vated, ded­i­cated and gen­uine – that run the coun­try and have most in­flu­ence, but those that sit up in the hills like ban­dits un­til the bat­tle is over be­fore com­ing down to rob and kill the wounded. Lis­ten to the bay­ing of the hounds at PM’s Ques­tions, watch any “news” chan­nel and read the na­tional Press and give thanks you were born be­fore com­pla­cency al­lowed the in­mates to run both prison and asy­lum.

We old folk won’t be around to re­alise that no one is play­ing “What a Won­der­ful World” any more but this Christ­mas we can truth­fully say “Ah yes, I re­mem­ber it well”.

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