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BUDS gained the points tak­ing full ad­van­tage of some calami­tous Ll­wyd­coed de­fend­ing in the first half which is so un­usual and a sec­ond half missed penalty added to the dis­ap­point­ment.

Ll­wyd­coed man­ager Lee Wil­liams was with­out Mor­gan An­drews, Rikki Evans and Jay Wood­ford so Liam Jones, Liam Price and Ioan Evans re­ceived the call.

The open­ing min­utes saw the Buds forc­ing the first save of the match with Ll­wyd­coed goal­keeper Ryan Grif­fiths brought into ac­tion.

Then the hosts be­gan to gain pos­ses­sion through Jor­dan Ellis, Cor­rey Roberts and Liam Price, the Buds de­fence were the busier at this stage whose de­fend­ers Thomas Davies and Ryan Bolter cleared the threat. Mov­ing on from the promis­ing open­ing by Ll­wyd­coed the Buds be­gan to gain more and more pos­ses­sion and were able to break open the hosts de­fence with Scott Ar­mitage mov­ing past the Ll­wyd­coed de­fender Liam Jones link­ing up with Thomas Game­son and Matthew Jones, they were faster to the break­down and al­though Ll­wyd­coed’s de­fence had time to clear the ball the Buds Matthew Jones took full ad­van­tage and scored.

Worse was to fol­low as the Buds were find­ing too much space in the Ll­wyd­coed shape putting more pres­sure on the Ll­wyd­coed de­fence, the Buds player Gavin Meacham was able to bring his mid­field into at­tack­ing space caus­ing more prob­lems for the hosts’ de­fence whose goal­keeper Ryan Grif­fiths did save the first shot, the clear­ance was not cleared by his de­fend­ers and Scott Ar­mit­gage scored.

A hor­ror open­ing 20 min­utes for Ll­wyd­coed that the Buds took full ad­van­tage of. The next pas­sage of play saw Ll­wyd­coed re­spond with the ex­cel­lent Cor­rey Roberts link­ing up with Jonathan Ma­son, Jor­dan Ellis and Ioan Evans but the fi­nal ball was poor. More promis­ing play by Ll­wyd­coed saw Cor­rey Roberts pick out Ioan Evans with a sub­lime pass who stepped in and out of the Buds de­fence only to shoot just wide, a goal at this stage would have been a big boost but no goal.

The sec­ond half be­gan with the Buds look­ing dan­ger­ous through Gavin Meacham caus­ing prob­lems for the Ll­wyd­coed de­fence.

The next goal would be de­ci­sive for ei­ther team for dif­fer­ent rea­sons and the Buds took full ad­van­tage of some more poor play by Ll­wyd­coed again, they al­lowed Thomas Game­son too much time and he shot low into the bot­tom cor­ner to score. The Buds were on top again.

A change in the Ll­wyd­coed shape be­gan to break open the Buds mid­field with Ioan Evans, Cor­rey Roberts and Luke Garth­waite find­ing space bring­ing Liam Price into good ar­eas, the Buds goal­keeper Cael Jones was brought into ac­tion sav­ing well from Jonathan Ma­son and Cor­rey Robert.

More pres­sure saw Ll­wyd­coed win a penalty af­ter Ioan Evans was brought down down, up stepped Liam Price whose shot was pushed away twice by the Buds goal­keeper Cael Jones, a goal at this stage for the hosts would have been a re­ward. More good at­tack­ing saw Ll­wyd­coed build more at­tacks.

The in­tro­duc­tion of sub­sti­tutes Tom Evans and Scott Wal­ters saw them gain more pos­ses­sion, the Buds de­fence was un­der con­stant pres­sure they cleared two goal-bound shots off the line but fi­nally Ll­wyd­coed scored through Cor­rey Roberts, his first goal for the club. A header chances came and went for Ll­wyd­coed the Buds goal­keeper Cael Jones sav­ing bril­liantly to main­tain his team’s goal ad­van­tage.

Ll­wyd­coed were still at­tack­ing at the fi­nal whis­tle win­ning lots of free kicks that they failed to cap­i­talise on the Buds the more balanced set­tled team won them the vic­tory.

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