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WHEN I was a young­ster the usual sit­u­a­tion at band con­tests was that one ad­ju­di­ca­tor would be the or­der of the day and that sole ad­ju­di­ca­tor had the broad shoul­ders nec­es­sary to take all the crit­i­cisms that came his way after he had de­cided who the best three bands were.

In those days there were never any fe­male ad­ju­di­ca­tors ap­pointed.

With one ad­ju­di­ca­tor you could al­ways say that de­spite your band play­ing a very good per­for­mance “the ad­ju­di­ca­tor did not ap­pre­ci­ate our per­for­mance and on an­other day with a dif­fer­ent judge we might have won!”.

After all is said and done it is down to the per­sonal opin­ion of the ad­ju­di­ca­tor and dif­fer­ent ad­ju­di­ca­tors have dif­fer­ent opin­ions.

Ask two ad­ju­di­ca­tors in sep­a­rate boxes to place 20 bands in or­der and when com­par­ing their lists you may find the first six could be the same, but they may not have them in the same or­der, but from 7th to 20th there would un­doubt­edly be a real mish-mash. Be­cause of the con­stant crit­i­cism of the sole ad­ju­di­ca­tor it was de­cided to have two.

Do two ad­ju­di­ca­tors al­ways agree on the best band? What then tran­spires when they don’t?

Ba­si­cally two ad­ju­di­ca­tors can come up with dif­per­haps fer­ent win­ners and there­fore some com­pro­mise has to be agreed. How do they man­age to com­pro­mise? We never seem to get bands shar­ing the first prize. So is the re­sult de­cided by the ad­ju­di­ca­tor who can look the most in­tim­i­dat­ing?

I al­ways get a men­tal pic­ture of Lau­rel and Hardy in the box when wait­ing for the ad­ju­di­ca­tors to emerge and can­not help but smile when I imag­ine them ar­gu­ing over whom is go­ing to be the re­cip­i­ent of that win­ner’s tro­phy.

So what hap­pens when there are three judges as oc­curred at the re­cent na­tional fi­nals? Do the or­gan­is­ers in­vite one big bloke and two smaller ones in or­der to re­duce the time it may take to find a win­ner? How do three very strong per­son­al­i­ties get to­gether and ar­rive at a win­ner, when each has a dif­fer­ent favourite?

I once read the ad­ju­di­ca­tions of the first three bands at the na­tional cham­pi­onships and I could not have picked the win­ning band from the ad­ju­di­ca­tions.

I am re­ally in­trigued as to how the three ad­ju­di­ca­tors agreed, not only on the win­ner, but also on the or­der of the three bands who were, in my opin­ion, all as good as each other.

When there is more than one ad­ju­di­ca­tor then they should not be housed in the same box, but should be in sep­a­rate boxes and points given for each band’s per­for­mance and at the end points are added up and the win­ner is the band that has the high­est to­tal.

No com­pro­mise needed, but at least two boxes are re­quired or even three, which means more cost.

I have my doubts about two or three boxes be­ing the or­der of the day in the fu­ture, but I be­lieve that that is the best way for­ward if more than one ad­ju­di­ca­tor is used.

Of course us­ing this sys­tem could pro­duce no clear win­ner and more con­tests could end with tied re­sults. Wow – what an in­ter­est­ing sit­u­a­tion that would cre­ate.

Per­haps hav­ing just one ad­ju­di­ca­tor giv­ing an hon­est ap­pre­ci­a­tion will do the busi­ness, eco­nom­i­cally, and per­haps more ef­fi­ciently be­cause of the sav­ing of time and will al­low bands­men to still be­lieve that un­der a dif­fer­ent ad­ju­di­ca­tor they might have won.

The pho­to­graph above shows Cory cel­e­brat­ing their win at the 166th British Open at Birm­ing­ham ear­lier this month and at least the gen­eral con­cen­sus was that they were out­stand­ing win­ners so the open ad­ju­di­ca­tors were not re­quired “to don the gloves”!

Cory – 2018 out­stand­ing British Open Cham­pi­ons

Com­edy duo Lau­rel and Hardy re­mind David of some of the band ad­ju­di­ca­tors – in jest of course!

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