The rocket that will ‘take you any­where on Earth in an hour’

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EN­TRE­PRE­NEUR Elon Musk claims to be close to cre­at­ing a rocket which will be able to take hu­mans any­where on Earth within an hour.

The bil­lion­aire SpaceX boss un­veiled de­tails of the new craft as he also up­dated his plans for colonis­ing Mars and cre­at­ing a lu­nar base.

“I feel fairly con­fi­dent we can build the ship and be ready for launch in five years,” he told the In­ter­na­tional As­tro­nau­ti­cal Congress in Ade­laide, Australia, yes­ter­day.

He said he also wants the craft to be car­ry­ing crews to Mars by 2024, two years after two cargo ships have placed power, min­ing and life-sup­port sys­tems on the planet. SpaceX cur­rently has a fleet of three space­craft. However the mag­nate said he wants them now to be­come ob­so­lete.

Instead, he said his com­pany is putting all of its re­sources into build­ing the In­ter­plan­e­tary Trans­port Sys­tem – co­de­named the BFR, or “Big ******* Rocket”.

Yes­ter­day the 46-year-old – who is also behind on­line pay­ment sys­tem Pay­Pal and elec­tric car spe­cial­ist Tesla – re­leased a “concept video” of the space­craft’s po­ten­tial jour­ney be­tween New York and Shanghai. “BFR will take you any­where on Earth in less than 60 mins,” he wrote on Twit­ter.

The video also claimed that “most long-dis­tance trips” would take less than 30 min­utes.

SpaceX said it plans to start build­ing the first space­ship by the mid­dle of 2018.

The ITS would be ca­pa­ble of car­ry­ing around 100 peo­ple spread out over 40 cabins, in­clud­ing com­mon ar­eas and an en­ter­tain­ment sys­tem.

Mr Musk also shared concept im­ages of the space­craft on Mars, next to a hu­man set­tle­ment.

He said he wanted to make Mars “a nice place to be” with a sus­tain­able hu­man pop­u­la­tion of around one mil­lion. “I can’t think of any­thing more ex­cit­ing than be­ing out there among the stars,” he de­clared.

Mr Musk said his com­pany could find the mas­sive sums to fi­nance its am­bi­tions from cur­rent work launch­ing satel­lites and ser­vic­ing the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion.

It adds to the list of Mr Musk’s other am­bi­tious ven­tures.

These in­clude Hyper­loop, a sys­tem in­tended to carry hu­mans through tubes in pres­surised cabins at speeds of 600mph, and Neu­ralink, a startup com­pany ex­plor­ing how to con­nect the hu­man brain to com­put­ers.

Pic­tures: PETER PARKS

An artist’s im­pres­sion of a SpaceX rocket land­ing on Mars and, above, the rocket next to a hu­man colony on the planet, and, left, car­ry­ing out a mis­sion in space Elon Musk out­lines his am­bi­tion yes­ter­day

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