‘PC fas­cists’ force school to ban terms mother and fa­ther

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ED­U­CA­TION chiefs were ac­cused of “po­lit­i­cally-cor­rect fas­cism” yes­ter­day af­ter a school was forced to re­move the words mother and fa­ther from its child ad­mis­sion pol­icy in case it pe­nalised gays.

The rul­ing came af­ter a par­ent com­plained that the terms dis­crim­i­nated against sep­a­rated, step or gay par­ents.

Peter Goringe of the Of­fice of the Schools Ad­ju­di­ca­tor agreed the words were in breach of the ad­mis­sions code and made Holy Ghost Catholic Pri­mary School in Wandsworth, south London, change their en­try forms.

Hun­dreds of schools be­long­ing to the Catholic Ed­u­ca­tion Ser­vice have al­ready re­placed mother and fa­ther on ap­pli­ca­tions with Par­ent 1 and Par­ent 2.

Mr Goringe said: “In the ab­sence of any clar­i­fi­ca­tion of the term par­ent, the use of the words mother and fa­ther might, as the ob­jec­tor sug­gests, be taken to im­ply that the school is re­strict­ing its def­i­ni­tion.”


But crit­ics last night rounded on the move. Chris McGovern, chair­man of the Cam­paign For Real Ed­u­ca­tion, warned that we are ca­pit­u­lat­ing to po­lit­i­cally-cor­rect fas­cism.

He said: “To en­sure fair­ness, we should not be plac­ing mother and fa­ther on a list of for­bid­den words.

“We should be ac­com­mo­dat­ing these cher­ished foun­da­tion stones of our civil­i­sa­tion within the ad­mis­sions sys­tem.

“The de­ci­sion to re­move them is pro­foundly un­demo­cratic and il­lib­eral and is a ca­pit­u­la­tion to a form of po­lit­i­cally-cor­rect fas­cism.”

Pro­fes­sor Alan Smithers, di­rec­tor of the cen­tre for ed­u­ca­tion and em­ploy­ment re­search at Buck­ing­ham Univer­sity, said that it was part of a trend in which ar­range­ments that worked per­fectly well for the ma­jor­ity were be­ing over­turned for fear of of­fend­ing a small mi­nor­ity.

He added: “Our so­ci­ety is based on fam­i­lies and the great ma­jor­ity have a fa­ther and a mother. If there is only one par­ent, only fill in that bit of the form.”

Par­ents col­lect­ing their chil­dren at the school yes­ter­day were as­ton­ished.

One mother, from Bal­ham, who has a sixyear-old daugh­ter, said: “You need a mother and fa­ther to con­ceive a child, if not then you’re not the child’s par­ents.

“We’re a Catholic school, I don’t see why it has been changed.”

An­other par­ent said: “I find it sad the amount of money that the school will have to spend on this, they should spend it on mak­ing the chil­dren happy in­stead.”

A spokesman for the Catholic Ed­u­ca­tion Ser­vice said: “We ex­pect all Catholic schools to com­ply with the School Ad­mis­sions Code.”

ASCHOOL in south London has been told by the schools ad­ju­di­ca­tor that it must re­move the de­scrip­tions “mother” and “fa­ther” from its ad­mis­sions form af­ter a par­ent com­plained, ar­gu­ing that these terms were dis­crim­i­na­tory to­wards sep­a­rated, step or gay par­ents. The rul­ing states: “In the ab­sence of any clar­i­fi­ca­tion of the term ‘par­ent’ the use of the words ‘mother’ and ‘fa­ther’ might, as the ob­jec­tor sug­gests, be taken to im­ply that the school is re­strict­ing its def­i­ni­tion.”

Well it’s a sorry state of af­fairs when mother and fa­ther are for­bid­den words. And what an un­nec­es­sary fuss about noth­ing. Forms are not al­ways sat­is­fac­tory for the filler-in be­cause none of us is ab­so­lutely of a stan­dard type. They are in­tended to be suit­able for the ma­jor­ity.

Any sen­si­ble per­son will fill in a form as best they can and add a cov­er­ing let­ter if nec­es­sary. Not dif­fi­cult is it?

Holy Ghost school that trig­gered the rul­ing

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