Mi­gra­tion ‘is true cause of the hous­ing short­age’

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BRI­TONS have been mis­led over the true im­pact of mi­gra­tion on hous­ing for years, a cam­paign group warned yes­ter­day.

In a sting­ing at­tack, Mi­gra­tion Watch UK said it was “en­tirely false and mis­lead­ing” to sug­gest two-thirds of hous­ing de­mand is the re­sult of nat­u­ral pop­u­la­tion growth.

Com­mu­ni­ties Sec­re­tary Sa­jid Javid has claimed the pro­por­tion of house­hold growth in Eng­land down to im­mi­gra­tion is 37 per cent.

But Mi­gra­tion Watch fig­ure is far larger.

Its anal­y­sis of a decade of of­fi­cial data shows that, of the ad­di­tional house­holds cre­ated in Eng­land be­tween 2005 and 2015, 90 per cent had a for­eign-born head.

Lord Green of Ded­ding­ton, chair­man of the cam­paign group, said: “We have a ma­jor cri­sis over hous­ing af­fect­ing huge num­bers of peo­ple but es­pe­cially the young who are find­ing it ever harder to get on to the hous­ing lad­der.

“Yet the fo­cus of the de­bate is still en­tirely on sup­ply. No­body dares talk about de­mand and its prin­ci­pal driver – im­mi­gra­tion. That has to stop.

“Our pa­per breaks new ground in dar­ing to point to this cen­tral, if un­com­fort­able, truth.”

Of­fi­cial es­ti­mates sug­gest that over 25 years up un­til 2039 there will be an av­er­age in­crease of 210,000 house­holds a says the true Lord Green says fig­ures for pre­dicted mi­gra­tion are too low and warns that un­less num­bers are cut de­mand for homes will grow year in Eng­land. The Depart­ment for Com­mu­ni­ties and Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment (DCLG) said that of this fig­ure 133,000, or 63 per cent, would be down to the ex­ist­ing pop­u­la­tion and only 77,000, or 37 per cent, would be the re­sult of fu­ture net mi­gra­tion.

But Mi­gra­tion Watch UK be­lieves this is fun­da­men­tally wrong be­cause the level of im­mi­gra­tion on which the pro­jec­tion was based is sig­nif­i­cantly too low.

It claims the Gov­ern­ment’s pro­jec­tion is based on net mi­gra­tion to Eng­land of just 170,500 a year when the fig­ure is cur­rently 300,000 a year and has av­er­aged 200,000 a year over the past decade.

The group also said the pro­jec­tion only takes ac­count of fu­ture mi­gra­tion and ig­nores pre­vi­ous ar­rivals.

It claims that even the ex­ist­ing mi­grant pop­u­la­tion will drive up fu­ture house­hold for­ma­tion be­cause it has a much younger age pro­file than the UK av­er­age.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “Mi­gra­tion Watch are ab­so­lutely right. Hous­ing is the ul­ti­mate sup­ply and de­mand mar­ket, and for years and years all the Gov­ern­ment has been wor­ried about is in­creas­ing the sup­ply.

“If we want to make hous­ing more af­ford­able, the big­gest sin­gle thing to help would be to re­duce im­mi­gra­tion be­cause that is what’s driv­ing up prices.”

Ukip MEP and the party’s hous­ing spokesman Tim Aker said: “Cur­rent and pre­vi­ous govern­ments have be­trayed the Bri­tish peo­ple, deny­ing them the pos­si­bil­ity of home own­er­ship due to mass im­mi­gra­tion.

“They would rather open our bor­ders than make an English­man’s home his cas­tle. It’s all well and good, rich metropoli­tan types get­ting cheap labour and gar­den­ers.

“All the while, work­ing-class Bri­tain faces soar­ing rents, a strug­gle for hous­ing and wage com­pres­sion.”

A DCLG spokesman said: “We are clear we need to build more homes tak­ing into ac­count a range of fac­tors in­clud­ing pre­dicted pop­u­la­tion growth.”

Net mi­gra­tion fell 81,000 to 246,000 in the year to March. But the fig­ure is still way off the Gov­ern­ment’s tar­get net mi­gra­tion of be­low 100,000 a year. Gun dealer Paul Ed­munds

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