Ten things you never knew about... Aus­tria


Today is the feast day of St Leopold III, Mar­grave of Aus­tria from 1095-1136, who was canon­ised in 1485 and be­came a pa­tron saint of Aus­tria. 1. Mar­grave was the ti­tle given in the Mid­dle Ages to a mil­i­tary com­man­der re­spon­si­ble for the de­fence of a prov­ince of the Holy Ro­man Em­pire. 2. The Aus­trian for Aus­tria is Öster­re­ich which means “East­ern realm”. 3. Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Schu­bert are all buried in Vienna. 4. Schön­brunn Palace in Vienna, the sum­mer palace of the Hab­s­burg em­per­ors, has 1,440 rooms. 5. The zoo at Schön­brunn opened in 1752 and in 1779 be­came the world’s first zoo to open to the pub­lic – but only if they were dressed prop­erly. 6. Aus­tria, Cyprus, Swe­den, Fin­land, Ire­land and Malta are the only EU na­tions that are not mem­bers of Nato. 7. The Aus­trian flag of three equal hor­i­zon­tal stripes in red, white and red dates back to 1191. 8. Cu­ri­ously, Aus­tria has the high­est rate of over­weight men in the EU but one of the low­est rates of obese men. 9. Aus­tria has won 18 gold medals at the sum­mer Olympics and 59 at the win­ter Olympics. 10. These in­clude 34 gold medals for Alpine ski­ing, which is more than any other coun­try.

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