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Barry Downes, Am­pli­fon Pro­fes­sional Ser­vices Man­ager

Why do hear­ing aids help peo­ple with both hear­ing loss and tin­ni­tus?

There’s usu­ally a link be­tween the type of tin­ni­tus sound a per­son ex­pe­ri­ences and the fre­quen­cies at which their hear­ing loss is at its great­est. Hear­ing aids can be pro­grammed to en­hance sounds where they are needed, to com­pen­sate for the hear­ing loss and, for most peo­ple, this makes the tin­ni­tus less no­tice­able and of­ten not no­tice­able at all.

Are hear­ing aids the only treat­ment for tin­ni­tus?

When there is both hear­ing loss and tin­ni­tus, hear­ing aids care­fully se­lected via a thor­ough hear­ing as­sess­ment will be the most ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion for most peo­ple. How­ever, tin­ni­tus and hear­ing loss af­fect peo­ple dif­fer­ently, so Am­pli­fon pro­vides per­son­alised care, ad­vice and sup­port. By work­ing with your Am­pli­fon pro­fes­sional, the best so­lu­tion for both hear­ing loss and tin­ni­tus will al­most al­ways be found.

Should I see a doc­tor be­fore dis­cussing my tin­ni­tus with an Am­pli­fon au­di­ol­o­gist?

Am­pli­fon au­di­ol­o­gists are trained to recog­nise when tin­ni­tus re­quires a med­i­cal or spe­cial­ist opin­ion. Con­sult­ing an Am­pli­fon au­di­ol­o­gist first can re­sult in help needed be­ing pro­vided quickly. If re­fer­ral for a med­i­cal opin­ion is what’s best for you, then your au­di­ol­o­gist will help to ar­range this.

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