This trans­gen­der mad­ness is now a dan­ger to women


TRANS­GEN­DER pris­oner Stephen Wood – jailed for life this week for rape and sex­ual as­sault on two women at a fe­male prison – high­lights the dan­ger of al­low­ing men to use gen­der self­i­den­ti­fi­ca­tion as a means to pur­sue their per­verted acts.

Call­ing him­self Karen White, the bru­tal sex­ual preda­tor had not even be­gun the process of gen­der re­as­sign­ment and was still legally a man. He was ba­si­cally a 52-year-old bloke in a dress and a wig with an ap­palling his­tory of vi­o­lence and sex­ual de­viancy.

Amaz­ingly, a board of gullible prison man­agers and psy­chol­o­gists fell for his lies, and with no ref­er­ence to his pre­vi­ous crim­i­nal his­tory, trans­ferred him to a women’s prison in West York­shire for three months on re­mand dur­ing which he sex­u­ally as­saulted two fe­male pris­on­ers.

He had al­ready ad­mit­ted in court to two rapes and a knife at­tack on an elderly gen­tle­man, all while pos­ing as a woman. This is in ad­di­tion to his long crim­i­nal his­tory of as­saults and pae­dophilia. He once told a pro­ba­tion of­fi­cer he would “think noth­ing” of sex­u­ally abus­ing a child.

It re­ally makes you won­der what it takes for a mon­ster like this to be treated as a very dan­ger­ous per­son who should be kept well away from any­one in prison. But, of course, he has “rights” along with ev­ery­one else and once he de­clared him­self to be a “woman” the prison ser­vice bent over back­wards to treat him with un­de­served sen­si­tiv­ity – de­spite the clear dan­ger to other pris­on­ers.

AP­PAR­ENTLY, he was well versed in ex­ploit­ing our cur­rent lib­eral ma­nia for “rights” and would re­port peo­ple for hate crime if they re­fused to call him by his cho­sen fe­male name.

Said one trans­gen­der sup­port group mem­ber: “She in­sisted peo­ple re­ferred to her in her ac­quired gen­der with­out try­ing ter­ri­bly hard to present as a woman.”

The prob­lem is that while ac­cept­ing that so­ci­ety should be more tol­er­ant to trans­gen­der peo­ple, the pen­du­lum has swung too far in their favour. In Jan­uary 2017 the Min­istry of Jus­tice said it was enough for male pris­on­ers to sim­ply self­i­den­tify as women to be trans­ferred

PREDA­TOR: Stephen Wood. Inset, as Karen

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