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Fill in the grid op­po­site us­ing the dif­fer­ent clues – ex­plained below. Once com­pleted, re­ar­range the let­ters in the shaded boxes to spell out the name of a pop­u­lar Christ­mas carol. To en­ter, call, text or post your an­swer (see below for de­tails).

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Your bril­liant bumper fes­tive cross­word

Clues are of four kinds: 1 (OBC) - quo­ta­tions from The Ox­ford Book Of Car­ols; 2 (GKN) - gen­eral knowl­edge; 3 (ANA) - ana­grams, with a hint or def­i­ni­tion of the mean­ing; 4 (HID) hid­den words; a phrase con­tains a hid­den word and a def­i­ni­tion fol­lows. ACROSS

1 (GKN) Largest body of fresh wa­ter in the Bri­tish Isles by vol­ume (4,4)

5 (GKN) Star of the 1945 ro­man­tic com­edy film Christ­mas in Con­necti­cut (7,8)

15 (OBC) “Come, let us then our - pay/To our good God, as well we may” (7) 16 (GKN) Most cor­ro­sion-re­sis­tant of the known met­als (7)

17 (GKN) City of an­cient Italy south­east of Rome; le­gendary birth­place of Ro­mu­lus and Re­mus (4,5)

18 (HID) More gen­uine cast rue re­as­sign­ing part! (5)

19 (OBC) “Hosts of

an­gels from God’s palace/Sounded sweet from – singing” (6)

20 (GKN)

Mediter­ranean salad plant closely re­lated to chicory (6)

21 (HID) Old of­fi­cial a lit­tle more even­handed? (5)

23 (ANA) Rank am­a­teur leav­ing a true chameleon in a mess (7)

24 (OBC) “Silent Night! Holy Night! Son of God, love’s pure -” (5)

26 (GKN) Ac­tress who plays Mrs Keen in the 2018 Bri­tish film Na­tiv­ity Rocks! (5,5)

29 (OBC) “By thy grace trans­late us/To the – above, we pray “(5)

31 (ANA) Game Ernie

played with a beastly lot (9)

33 (GKN) Fic­tional Ne­vada ranch on which the US west­ern se­ries Bo­nanza (1959-73) was set (9)

35 (GKN) Got­tlieb ___ (1834-1900), Ger­man en­gi­neer who pi­o­neered the de­vel­op­ment of the in­ter­nal-com­bus­tion en­gine with Wil­helm May­bach (7)

37 (ANA) 36 let­ters writ­ten about a light re­cip­i­ent (6)

39 (HID) In­for­ma­tion some scoffed at, ap­par­ently (4)

40 (OBC) “Go tell it on the moun­tain/Over the – and ev­ery­where” (5)

42 (OBC) “–/Out of the dust and

clay” (3,4,2,5,3,4,4)

44 (OBC) “Un­der that bed there runs a flood:/ The one half runs –, the other runs blood” (5)

45 (GKN) Fi­brous white tis­sue be­neath the outer rind of a citrus fruit, also called albedo (4)

46 (GKN) 1983 hit by US rock band Toto cer­ti­fied 4x Plat­inum in Oc­to­ber 2018 (6)

47 (OBC) “Then Joseph he, to shun the shame,/ Thought her for to –” (7) 49 (GKN) US di­rec­tor of films in­clud­ing The Princess Bride (1987) and A Few Good Men (1992) (3,6)

51 (ANA) A mo­ron was turn­ing a pro­pel­ler on a boat (9)

55 (OBC) “Leave your sheep and leave your –/ Rise up shep­herd and fol­low!” (5)

57 (GKN) US singer who had a hit with ‘Santa Baby’ in 1953 (6,4)

60 (GKN) Flock of geese or ducks in flight, typ­i­cally in a V-shaped for­ma­tion (5)

61 (GKN) Side of a coin that bears the main de­sign, usu­ally a head (7) 65 (HID) ‘Ma­te­rial Girl’ is Leonard’s se­lec­tion (5) 66 (GKN) Beethoven’s Sym­phony No. 3 (18024), orig­i­nally ded­i­cated to Napoleon Bon­a­parte (6) 67 (OBC) “Thy no­ble troop of cit­i­zens/And – King be­side” (6)

69 (GKN) Earth pigment con­tain­ing sil­ica, alu­minium and fer­ric ox­ide, rang­ing in colour from yel­low to red (5)

71 (GKN) Any preda­tory in­sect of the sub­or­der Anisoptera, hav­ing a long slen­der body and two pairs of iri­des­cent wings (9)

72 (OBC) “On the tenth day of Christ­mas my true love sent to me/Ten lords a –” (7)

73 (ANA) Early in­tro­duc­tion of Prince An­drew con­fused (7)

74 (OBC) “Be still, my child, -/To hear me sing thine lul­laby” (3,4,5,3)

75 (GKN) Nor­man ___, Bri­tish cou­turier who de­signed El­iz­a­beth II’s coro­na­tion gown in 1953 (8)


1 (GKN) Twelfth and fi­nal stu­dio al­bum by The Bea­tles, re­leased in May 1970 (3,2,2)

2 (GKN) Breed of very small dog orig­i­nat­ing in Mex­ico, hav­ing large erect ears and pro­trud­ing eyes (9)

3 (ANA) Late run turned out to be in­of­fen­sive (7)

4 (GKN) In West­ern Chris­tian­ity, the saint whose feast day is held on De­cem­ber 26 (7)

6 (OBC)“– and hail the sa­cred day! Cast all low cares of life away” (5)

7 (GKN) In cricket, ei­ther of the two cross­pieces placed on top of the stumps to form the wicket (4)

8 (GKN) Novel in which real peo­ple or places are de­picted un­der fic­ti­tious names; French, ‘novel with a key’ (5,1,4)

9 (ANA) Dog wan­der­ing plains, hav­ing es­caped lead (7)

10 (GKN) Ed­ward ___, au­thor of the 1962 play Who’s Afraid of Vir­ginia Woolf? (5)

11 (GKN) Al­ter­na­tive name for the metal­lic el­e­ment tung­sten, from Ger­man (7)

12 (GKN) For­mer cur­rency unit of Italy worth one hun­dredth of a lira (9)

13 (GKN) Ac­tor who plays Scott Calvin in the Santa Clause film se­ries (1994-2006) (3,5)

14 (OBC) “Our very flesh our – shares,/His fallen crea­ture, man, to save” (5)

22 (OBC) “Seek the great de­sire of na­tions,/ Ye have seen His natal –” (4)

25 (GKN) Light open two-wheeled car­riage pulled by one horse (3)

27 (GKN) Rus­sian-born US au­thor of nov­els in­clud­ing The Foun­tain­head (1943) and At­las Shrugged (1957) (3,4)

28 (GKN) Ac­tor who plays Charles Dick­ens in the 2017 biopic The Man Who In­vented Christ­mas (3,7)

29 (GKN) Bri­tish rock singer who re­leased the al­bum Merry Christ­mas, Baby in 2012 (3,7)

30 (GKN) Cap­i­tal of Vic­to­ria, Aus­tralia, on Port Phillip Bay at the mouth of the River Yarra (9) 31 (GKN) Soviet (later Rus­sian) manned space sta­tion launched in 1986 and scut­tled in the Pa­cific Ocean in 2001 (3)

32 (HID) Coun­try singer I trea­sured help­ing (7) 33 (GKN) Wife of Th­e­seus who fell in love with her step­son Hip­poly­tus (7)

34 (ANA) Maple tan­gled with here doesn’t last long (9)

36 (ANA) A form of nitre that’s chem­i­cally un­re­ac­tive (5)

37 (GKN) Any mus­cle whose con­trac­tion turns a part of the body on its axis (7)

38 (GKN) Bright­est star in the con­stel­la­tion Scor­pius; from An­cient Greek, ‘ri­valling Mars’ (7) 41 (GKN) Woolly South Amer­i­can mam­mal of the camel fam­ily that is a do­mes­ti­cated form of the gua­naco (5)

43 (GKN) Genus of minute fresh­wa­ter crus­taceans of the or­der Clado­cera known as wa­ter fleas (7)

47 (GKN) Unit of Chi­nese cur­rency equal to one hun­dredth of a yuan or one tenth of a jiao (3)

48 (GKN) San­dro ___, Floren­tine Re­nais­sance pain­ter born Alessan­dro di Mar­i­ano Filipepi in the 1440s (10)

50 (ANA) A sea­farer wants a bio rewrit­ten (9)

52 (OBC) “And that ship’s name is Mary,/Of flow­ers the – is she” (4)

53 (OBC) “O, but their hearts with – dis­traught/ Hailed not the wane of night” (3)

54 (GKN) Semi-hard sheep’s-milk cheese pro­duced in the La Man­cha of cen­tral Spain (8)

56 (GKN) Char­ac­ter in Lewis Car­roll’s Alice’s Ad­ven­tures in Won­der­land who reap­pears in Through the Look­ing-Glass called Haigha (5,4)

58 (GKN) Any of var­i­ous mainly legu­mi­nous plants hav­ing three-lobed leaves, es­pe­cially of

the clover genus (7)

59 (GKN) Line on a map con­nect­ing points with equal an­nual or sea­sonal rain­fall (7)

61 (GKN) State cap­i­tal of Wash­ing­ton, on Puget Sound 60 miles south­west of Seat­tle (7)

62 (ANA) Doc­tor in love with pa­tient’s stern and bru­tal (7)

63 (OBC) “For us the Saviour came on earth, for us his life he gave,/To save us from – death” (7)

64 (OBC) “Now the green – riseth from the buried grain” (5)

66 (HID) Small and del­i­cate kestrel fi­nally con­tent (5)

68 (GKN) West­ern­most and third-largest of the Span­ish Balearic Is­lands (5) 70 (OBC) “In Beth­le­hem, in Jewry,/ This blessed – was born” (4)

1 DOWN: The Bea­tles’ fi­nal stu­dio al­bum was re­leased a month af­ter their break-up

66 ACROSS: The French em­peror was orig­i­nally a hero to Beethoven

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