Po­lice say the cuts are hurt­ing... but this is ridicu­lous!

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WITH sirens, flash­ing blue lights and high­speed chases, po­lice of­fi­cers might boast of liv­ing life in the fast lane.

But things are a lit­tle more gen­teel in the town of Taun­ton – where by­standers were treated to a first-hand glimpse of what looked like aus­ter­ity polic­ing at its finest.

The pic­ture, which po­lice posted on­line, seems to show a PC chas­ing a pen­sioner on a mo­bil­ity scooter. Com­ment­ing on the photo, Ian Shep­pard joked: ‘Don’t think much of the new po­lice cars.’ Ed Turn­bull added: ‘Po­lice cuts mean se­vere scale­downs are in place!’

How­ever the photo of the seem­ingly slug­gish pur­suit turned out to have a sim­ple ex­pla­na­tion. Yes­ter­day a spokesman for Avon and Som­er­set po­lice ex­plained: ‘A Taun­ton PC had kindly of­fered to help re­turn a mo­bil­ity scooter. Never a dull mo­ment for our team!’

In hot pur­suit: A pen­sioner rounds the cor­ner of the pave­ment, closely fol­lowed by a po­lice of­fi­cer rid­ing a mo­bil­ity scooter

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