Vardy: I get lots of death threats

Daily Mail - - International Football - By MATT LAW­TON

JAMIE VARDY has claimed he has re­ceived death threats to his fam­ily since Le­ices­ter City took the shock de­ci­sion to sack Clau­dio Ranieri. The Le­ices­ter striker, cur­rently on in­ter­na­tional duty with Eng­land, said yes­ter­day that at­tempts were even made to run his wife and chil­dren off the road when his wife was driv­ing.

Vardy said some of the re­ports around the time of Ranieri’s dis­missal had not helped, in­sist­ing once again that he could not have been part of an al­leged play­ers’ coup in the wake of their Cham­pi­ons League match in Seville be­cause he was ‘ac­tu­ally sat in anti-dop­ing for three hours’.

‘Then of course the story is out there and peo­ple pick it up and jump on it and you’re get­ting death threats about your fam­ily, kids, ev­ery­thing,’ he said.

Asked in what form the threats came, he ex­plained: ‘On so­cial me­dia, you name it — walk­ing down the street. To be hon­est, I get them ev­ery week. Foot­ball fans don’t seem to like me that much.

‘I just get on with it but when peo­ple are try­ing to cut your mis­sus up while she’s driv­ing along, with the kids in the back of the car, it’s not the best. It’s hap­pened plenty of times. It is ter­ri­fy­ing,’ he added.

Vardy, who was keen to stress the threats were not nec­es­sar­ily com­ing from Le­ices­ter fans but a broad spec­trum of peo­ple, said he had not re­ported the in­ci­dents to the po­lice. ‘All that can hap­pen is that they get banned on Twit­ter,’ he said. ‘Peo­ple get cut up but if there’s no cam­eras you’re screwed.’

Vardy was chal­lenged on the role the play­ers may or may not have played in Ranieri’s demise, and in par­tic­u­lar was asked why it took the ma­jor­ity of play­ers as long as it did to pub­licly ex­press their sad­ness at the af­fa­ble Ital­ian’s de­par­ture.

‘I can un­der­stand what you are say­ing, but per­son­ally, my tweet was go­ing out straight­away, but I wrote it that many times, I couldn’t quite get the word­ing right. You don’t know what to say,’ he said.

‘It was 24 hours be­fore I did it (it was ac­tu­ally 48 hours) but we had just got back from Seville. We were de­layed, landed, then went straight back home, kids in the bath and straight to bed my­self. ‘It’s hard. Don’t get me wrong. what he did for Le­ices­ter was un­be­liev­able and no­body would have ex­pected that in a mil­lion years. We can only thank him for that. ‘But the way this sea­son has gone, play­ers never seem to be the ones who get the sack. It al­ways falls on the man­ager and that is what has hap­pened. We are all sin­cerely gut­ted that it did.’


Abuse: Vardy (left) says his fam­ily were tar­geted af­ter Ranieri’s sack­ing

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