I lost the baby I wa sex pect­ing af­ter my hus­band told me he was leav­ing me for Chloe Green

As it’s re­ported Philip Green’s daugh­ter is preg­nant by the ‘hot felon’, her lover’s es­tranged and heart­bro­ken wife re­veals . . . from Re­becca Hardy

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MELISSA MEEKS was play­ing bas­ket­ball with her eightyear-old son, Jeremy Ju­nior, in the gar­den two months ago when he in­no­cently let slip some po­ten­tially dev­as­tat­ing news. ‘He said it so non­cha­lantly,’ she says. ‘We were mess­ing around with a bas­ket­ball when he stuck it un­der his shirt and said: “Look, I’m preg­nant.” I asked him: “Why would you do that? Do you know some­body who’s preg­nant?” He said: “Yes, Chloe.” ’

The Chloe she’s re­fer­ring to is Chloe Green, the 27-year-old daugh­ter of Top­shop ty­coon, Sir Philip Green.

The news was dev­as­tat­ing to Melissa be­cause the fa­ther of the baby, pre­sum­ably, is Melissa’s hus­band Jeremy Meeks, the ‘hot felon’ for­mer gang mem­ber and crim­i­nal (now model) who’s been a con­stant pres­ence at Chloe’s side since last sum­mer.

The blow hit Melissa hard: ‘It was as if my heart stopped for a lit­tle bit,’ she says. ‘I was in shock, but at the same time I knew it was com­ing. To me, start­ing a fam­ily with a bil­lion­aire’s daugh­ter is the golden ticket, right?’

Nat­u­rally, she wanted to know more, but didn’t want to pres­sure her son. But Melissa is con­vinced the preg­nancy is real and the hurt is writ large across her face. ‘Deep down I knew,’ she says. ‘I had a gut feel­ing.’

While Jeremy — who’s also step­fa­ther to Melissa’s two el­der chil­dren, Eliana, 17, and Robert, 12 — and Chloe haven’t con­firmed any­thing, re­ports that they are ex­pect­ing a child to­gether were all over the me­dia this week.

Theirs is an un­likely union. Chloe Green is the only, in­dulged, jet-set­ting daugh­ter of a bil­lion­aire, while Jeremy Meeks, 34, is a heav­ily tat­tooed vil­lain, with a list of crim­i­nal con­vic­tions as long as . . . well, the ever-grow­ing list of lux­ury hol­i­days he is en­joy­ing with Miss Green since they were pho­tographed ca­vort­ing on a £118,000 su­per-yacht in the Mediter­ranean off the coast of Turkey last June. Un­til those pho­tos ap­peared, Melissa, a 37-year- old nurse, had as­sumed her eight-year mar­riage to Meeks, whose mod­el­ling ca­reer be­gan af­ter his po­lice mugshot went vi­ral on so­cial me­dia, was healthy and strong. SHE’D

thought he’d gone to Turkey to pro­mote a hol­i­day re­sort. The day be­fore he flew out, he’d sworn blind he loved her.

‘I no­ticed he had started fol­low­ing this Chloe Green on his In­sta­gram ac­count and asked him who she was. He told me she was his man­ager’s busi­ness part­ner.

I asked if he was see­ing her, and straight away he said no. Three or four days later, the pic­tures on the boat came out.

‘When he came back around July 4, he came to the house to take the boys. I was hardly func­tion­ing. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I was a mess. He said he was sorry for the way it came out and that he didn’t mean to hurt me.

‘He told me he wanted a di­vorce, but a few days later he came to the house and we went swim­ming with the kids. I went up­stairs for a shower. He came up to shower and one thing led to another. Emo­tions were run­ning pretty high, and we ended up sleep­ing to­gether. He swore to me he hadn’t slept with Chloe and said he’d be back the next day to talk.

‘The next day, how­ever, he came to col­lect his things, left and went to Los An­ge­les. He filed for le­gal sep­a­ra­tion and I was served with the pa­pers on July 11. Next thing I know is there are more pic­tures of her and him out and about on the town in LA. Those came out on my birth­day, July 14. It felt very cruel.

‘A few weeks later I dis­cov­ered I was preg­nant, but I was un­der so much stress I lost the child.’

Melissa was dis­traught. ‘I’ve tried to talk to him, but he won’t com­mu­ni­cate with me. I haven’t seen him in months now. When he’s pick­ing up or drop­ping off the kids, we don’t talk.

‘I thought our re­la­tion­ship would last for ever. It was based upon truth and love. What we had was real. This life he’s in now is a fan­tasy life.’

Fuelling the flames of her re­sent­ment fur­ther is Jeremy’s of­fer of sup­port, which has ap­par­ently been agreed by a court at just $1,000 [£712] a month. While he suns him­self aboard a £100 mil­lion yacht, he claims he only earns $6,000 [£4,300] a month — less than Melissa.

‘I don’t think Chloe’s any­thing spec­tac­u­lar,’ says Melissa. ‘ She’s very av­er­age-look­ing. I’ve never met her, so maybe she has an amaz­ing per­son­al­ity. Or maybe it’s her bank ac­count.

‘I don’t know what it is, but do I think my hus­band would have left me for her if she’d been a cashier at McDon­ald’s? Ab­so­lutely not. Do I think the lifestyle they live is what at­tracts him? One hun­dred per cent I do.

‘The yachts, the pri­vate jets, the de­signer clothes, the ex­pen­sive cars add to the whole pack­age. For some­body like Jeremy, who never had any­thing grow­ing up and spent most of his adult life in­car­cer­ated, it does.

‘I earn de­cent money as a nurse but I’m no bil­lion­aire. I loved him 110 per cent and would have done

Iany­thing for him. I’d never have ex­pected him to do any­thing like this to me and the kids. It’s bizarre — sur­real.’

‘Re­gard­less of what was go­ing on in our mar­riage, she [Chloe] knew he was still mar­ried and had a fam­ily, but that didn’t stop her pur­su­ing him. It seemed like it didn’t mat­ter — didn’t mat­ter.’ WHILE

Meeks was unavail­able for com­ment yes­ter­day, in the past he has ef­fu­sively de­clared his love for Chloe. In Novem­ber last year, he said: ‘I love Chloe for her, and if she didn’t have a dol­lar I wouldn’t give a s**t be­cause we’re so happy.’

Melissa says she still doesn’t like to think about the sit­u­a­tion and tries to push it out of her mind be­cause the re­al­ity is so hor­ri­bly painful, par­tic­u­larly given the nu­mer­ous post­ings on so­cial me­dia chart­ing her hus­band — for he re­mains her hus­band — and Chloe’s af­fair.

It’s hard for her 12-year-old son Robert, too. He was only two when Melissa and Jeremy start­ing see­ing each other, and re­gards him as a fa­ther. He’s seen him only a hand­ful of times in the past ten months. ‘Robert gets re­ally up­set,’ Melissa says. ‘Jeremy was a ma­jor part of his life. He misses him a lot. He thinks Jeremy doesn’t love him any more, and asks when he’ll be able to see him again.’

Painfully for Melissa, she dis­cov­ered last year that Jeremy had ac­tu­ally in­tro­duced their son, Jeremy Ju­nior, to Chloe. It hap­pened in Au­gust when Jeremy was in North Cal­i­for­nia, where the fam­ily live, for a visit, and brought his new girl­friend with him.

‘Jeremy Ju­nior had been stay­ing with his fa­ther for a week, and that’s when it hap­pened,’ she says. ‘No one told me. Jeremy just an­nounced: “Oh, by the way, you’re go­ing to find out any­way. Jeremy Ju­nior met Chloe.”

‘I said: “What?” He said: “Ev­ery­thing’s fine. We had a blast.”

‘I asked why he didn’t tell me — I’m his mother af­ter all — and he said it was be­cause he thought I’d have a “prob­lem” with it.

‘Per­haps when Chloe’s a mother she’ll un­der­stand how hurt I felt. In fair­ness, Jeremy Ju­nior says she’s nice to him, which, as a mum, I’m glad about. I want him to be happy. He spent Christ­mas and New Year’s Eve with them on the yacht. They flew to Flor­ida on a

pri­vate jet. Her par­ents were there, too. It’s a very dif­fer­ent world to ours. They brought him de­signer clothes — Dolce & Gab­bana — a PlayS­ta­tion and lots of other things, too.

‘I re­mem­ber when he came home I told him to clean up his room, say­ing: “I’m not your maid.” To which he replied: “Well, I have one on the boat.” These peo­ple have so much money they don’t live in re­al­ity. Philip Green is a man of great power and wealth. In that world, you have the money to get what you want no mat­ter what.’ Melissa truly be­lieved she would grow old with Meeks af­ter they met at a friend’s party in Stock­ton, Cal­i­for­nia, in 2008. They mar­ried shortly af­ter Christ­mas and, a year later, Jeremy Ju­nior was born.

‘He had lit­tle blue eyes and they stayed blue.’ Her face soft­ens as she re­mem­bers that day. ‘He was pretty small — 6lb 11oz — and I re­mem­ber Jeremy cup­ping him in his hand and star­ing at him. He said it was one of the great­est mo­ments of his life.’

Jeremy had had a pretty rough child­hood and he wanted bet­ter for his son. In­deed, Meeks was lit­tle more than a baby him­self when his own fa­ther was sen­tenced to life in prison for mur­der. His mother had drug prob­lems, so he was raised largely by his sis­ter and grav­i­tated to­wards street gangs.

‘He was in­car­cer­ated for a lot of his adult life be­fore he met me,’ says Melissa. ‘I think his in­volve­ment with street gangs had some­thing to do with want­ing to feel he was part of some sort of fam­ily.’

Meeks was open about his past as a mem­ber of the no­to­ri­ous North Side Crips, one of Cal­i­for­nia’s most bru­tal street gangs. In 2002, he got two years for theft and was in and out of prison for years for a se­ries of crimes, in­clud­ing re­sist­ing ar­rest.

He has a Crips tat­too on his right fore­arm and a teardrop inked un­der his left eye, of­ten said to sym­bol­ise a gang killing.

Hav­ing once been ar­rested for beat­ing a 16-year- old boy ‘into a pulp’, he was de­scribed by po­lice as ‘one of the most vi­o­lent crim­i­nals in the Stock­ton area’ be­fore he was jailed for two years in 2014 for pos­ses­sion of a firearm and one count t of f ‘t ‘street tt ter­ror­ism’. i ’ Hi His po­lice mugshot then went vi­ral.

‘ That’s what changed ev­ery­thing,’ says Melissa, who vis­ited him in prison ev­ery week­end and sup­ported the fam­ily in his ab­sence. When Meeks was re­leased two years ago, he was snapped up by an agent and soon se­cured a mod­el­ling con­tract.

‘He didn’t get his first big mod­el­ling gig un­til the New York Fash­ion Show in Fe­bru­ary 2017,’ she says. ‘Although he came out of prison in April 2016, he was un­der house ar­rest un­til July.

‘We didn’t have much money, but on our wed­ding an­niver­sary he bought me this neck­lace that had a lit­tle di­a­mond stud. We went wine-tast­ing. I was very happy that day. I had no idea that was the last an­niver­sary I was ev­ery go­ing to have with him.’

Her eyes fill with tears. ‘I try not to think about this stuff.’

The re­la­tion­ship be­gan to change af­ter the fash­ion show.

‘I wanted to be in­volved, I wanted to travel with him. But he said he couldn’t af­ford for me to go, as he was just start­ing out.

‘The big change came af­ter the Cannes Film Fes­ti­val. That’s when he met her. Week af­ter week, I saw him change. I think the lifestyle and the in­dus­try got hold of him.

‘He started to try to pull him­self away from his old life and into his new life. He just wanted to do his own thing. I felt I didn’t fit into this new life. I’m sure if I was a bil­lion­aire I’d have fit­ted right in,’ she adds with a hol­low laugh. ‘We’d have ar­gu­ments and he’d say he wanted w a di­vorce, then the next mo­ment he’d be on the phone say­ing how much he loved me, and that he didn’t want to break up our o fam­ily. Emo­tion­ally it was very dif­fi­cult, but he never said “this is over — I’m mov­ing out” un­til those boat b pic­tures hap­pened.’

‘It was a slap in the face. I was dev­as­tated. It was shock­ing, un­be­liev­able. The kids didn’t know what to do or say. I couldn’t go into work I was so up­set. I lost so much weight. I was in a ter­ri­ble state.

‘Now I’ve put the bits of the puz­zle p to­gether I’ve re­alised that be­tween Cannes in May and the trip to Turkey at the end of June he was liv­ing with us but spend­ing a lot of time in LA.

‘That’s when I re­ally no­ticed the dif­fer­ence. d I felt in my gut there was some­thing go­ing on, but he looked me in the face and swore there t wasn’t.

‘ Now he main­tains noth­ing hap­pened h be­tween him and Chloe un­til Turkey, but I don’t be­lieve it. Isn’t it a bit of a co­in­ci­dence the pa­parazzi were in the mid­dle of the ocean when they were kiss­ing? Some­body S had to set that up.’ ONCE

again she is al­most in tears. ‘ This is all so tragic for me,’ she says. ‘Was my whole mar­riage a façade? Even the stuff he’s post­ing to her on so­cial me­dia is the same stuff he used to say to me — ex­actly the same words, ex­actly the same phrases.

‘He’d say “I love you” and I’d say “I love you more”. He would re­ply: “That’s im­pos­si­ble, I love you to the moon and back.” Now he says that to her.’

In the be­gin­ning, Melissa tor­tured her­self, fol­low­ing them both on so­cial me­dia. Now she doesn’t bother.

With her self-as­sur­ance at rock bot­tom, she also em­barked upon nu­mer­ous cos­metic surgery pro­ce­dures, which she ad­mits was to try to ‘be like the peo­ple in his world’.

‘I just felt I needed to en­hance my­self, so to speak; to make my­self hap­pier and feel more con­fi­dent.

‘I can see now I lacked con­fi­dence, with him be­ing thrown into this world of celebri­ties who have money to look top-notch. I wanted to do it for my­self.’

Was she hop­ing to sal­vage their mar­riage? She shrugs.

‘How can I com­pete with a bil­lion­aire? In my opin­ion, I’m more at­trac­tive than her, but I can’t shower him with gifts or whisk him around the world in a pri­vate jet.

‘I wouldn’t want him back now. When I look at him I don’t find him at­trac­tive any more be­cause of what he’s done to me and how he’s treated me.

‘His at­ti­tude is ugly, and when you’re ugly on the in­side, you’re ugly on the out­side. When [if] Chloe does have this baby, this is what she should bear in mind.’

Lux­ury lifestyle: Jeremy Meeks with his new love, heiress Chloe Green

Spurned: Melissa Meeks (left) was shocked by last sum­mer’s pic­ture of her hus­band and Chloe Green (in­set) Happy: Jeremy and Melissa be­fore his life changed course

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