Why does my foot hurt?

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You’re get­ting at­tacks of se­vere pain in the joint where your big toe joins your foot. The joint be­comes swollen, red and so painful you can’t bear bed­clothes on it. It takes a cou­ple of weeks to get bet­ter. You have a burn­ing and aching pain that comes on when you walk, af­fect­ing one or more toes near the ball of your foot or some­times your whole foot. You have a small, ten­der spot on the sole of your foot which be­comes painful if you put pres­sure on it. It looks like a corn or cal­lus.

It could be:

Gout, a type of arthri­tis where there’s a build-up of uric acid crys­tals in your joints. Me­tatarsal­gia, from ex­tra strain or pres­sure on the ball of your foot by tight fit­ting shoes, high im­pact sports or be­ing over­weight. Ver­ruca caused by the wart virus. It grows in­wards through the pres­sure of stand­ing. It looks like white cir­cles with black dots in the cen­tre.

Stop it:

Use ice packs as soon as the pain be­gins. Take an NSAID for the pain and see your doc­tor for treat­ment that can keep your uric acid lev­els low. Forgo rich food and al­co­hol. Use the PRICE method (Pro­tec­tion, Rest, Ice, Com­pres­sion and Elevation). Change footwear, use shock­ab­sorb­ing in­soles. Be­fore see­ing your doc­tor try an over-the-counter ver­ruca cream, gel or plas­ters.

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