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QAfter a visit to an

STI clinic, I’ve been told I have gen­i­tal her­pes for life. I feel so de­pressed. How will I find a part­ner? A Find­ing out you have gen­i­tal her­pes can be a blow, but re­mem­ber that while you do have the virus for life, it isn’t ac­tive all the time and to a cer­tain ex­tent you can pre­vent it be­com­ing ac­tive your­self.

Stress and anx­i­ety are two main trig­gers, and so are neg­a­tive thoughts such as the ones you have ex­pressed. So if you pos­si­bly can, you should try to get rid of that pes­simism.

If a neg­a­tive thought pops into your head, cor­rect it.

So, “No one will want me” turns into “Eight out of 10 part­ners I talk to will say it’s fine”.

This is a fact!

And “I’m the only one in this room with this con­di­tion” turns into “over seven in 10 peo­ple aged 25 have it some­where”.

This is also a fact!

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