Judges take av­er­age 17.7 days off sick

Daily Mirror (Northern Ireland) - - NEWS - BY JEREMY ARM­STRONG

AN av­er­age 17.7 days were taken off sick by 564 judges last year.

The to­tal of al­most 10,000 sick days across Eng­land and Wales, equates to 27 years of lost court time and 1,668 were taken be­tween 22 judges for stress – av­er­ag­ing 75.8 days each.

There were 2,046 days lost due to in­juries and op­er­a­tions and 1,200 to un­known ail­ments.

In­fec­tions took out 351 days, res­pi­ra­tory prob­lems 931 and mus­cu­loskele­tal prob­lems 1,038.

The av­er­age age of a crown court judge is now push­ing 60.

Ac­cord­ing to the Health and Safety Ex­ec­u­tive, the av­er­age worker takes 17 days off sick ev­ery year, ris­ing to 23.8 when the is­sue is stress.

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