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Capri­corn Dec 22 –Jan 20 You may seek respite from the emo­tional tur­moil, de­spite be­ing hes­i­tant to leave oth­ers alone. Fel­low trav­ellers are un­re­li­able. A bril­liant as­pect to Pluto in Capri­corn sig­ni­fies sparks will fly in all di­rec­tions this week­end. Then go to your friends – they are the best sup­port. For more call 0903 658 1001

Aquarius Jan 21–Feb 19 Cheap and cheer­ful or pricey, it makes no dif­fer­ence to you at the mo­ment. OK, it’s not all roses, but there is no rea­son to refuse an in­vi­ta­tion. Mer­cury sud­denly glides into Libra and there is a va­cancy this week­end. Stay as long as you like for free. Not a bad of­fer. For more call 0903 658 1002

Pisces Feb 20–Mar 20 Venus op­posed by Nep­tune in Pisces in­di­cates a pe­cu­liar time for close per­sonal re­la­tion­ships. Cu­ri­ously, you may find the per­fect soul­mate – a meet­ing of hearts and minds. Does some­one like this ex­ist? How this will af­fect a long term part­ner? Wait un­til the week­end is over. For more call 0903 658 1003

Aries March 21–April 20 This week­end could be a slog, but not with­out its re­wards. Once you have cleared the back­log of work, you can do as you like. What you may be look­ing for is a long-term re­la­tion­ship. How – when you sim­ply don’t have any free time? Right now, a re­al­ity check is what’s needed. For more call 0903 658 1004

Taurus April 21–May 21 Your re­la­tion­ship is stronger than ever. Sin­gle? There’s a per­son you have your eye on who you have a gen­uine con­nec­tion with. Your heart should be aglow as this week­end be­gins. You may have to de­cide where your de­vo­tion lies, and what you choose may come as a sur­prise. For more call 0903 658 1005

Gemini May 22–June 20 Com­plex per­sonal ne­go­ti­a­tions are go­ing on, though it’s the week­end. This may in­volve fam­ily and friends, and mu­tual com­mit­ments. Com­pro­mises have to be made, and you are sup­posed to com­ply. The same ap­plies to ro­mance. Life could be so nice and you should cher­ish it. For more call 0903 658 1006 Can­cer June 21–July 22 There may be a lot to plan or or­gan­ise, and you are keen to make an early start. This should be an ac­tion-packed time, but the op­por­tu­nity to re­lax will present it­self shortly. Your heart is else­where, and peo­ple can tell. Now is the time to open up, you’ll feel all the bet­ter for it. For more call 0903 658 1007

Leo July 23–Au­gust 22 Chances are, life could be get­ting to you a lit­tle at the mo­ment. Cer­tain friends have dis­ap­peared with­out a trace. Cer­tainly, there is some­one else you can thank for their gen­eros­ity, and it re­in­forces your faith in those you love. You can ex­pect an­other gift this week­end. Fancy that. For more call 0903 658 1008

Virgo Aug 23–Sept 22 The thing about Virgo is that you ex­pect per­fec­tion in every area of your life, in­clud­ing re­la­tion­ships. In that case, you could be set­ting your­self up to be dis­ap­pointed this week­end. It’s not point­less pur­su­ing some­one you are in­ter­ested in. You just have to be re­al­is­tic about your chances. For more call 0903 658 1009

Libra Sept 23–Oct 23 No doubt oth­ers will de­liver some home truths and hit the roof. Don’t bury your head in the sand. In­deed, with Mer­cury mov­ing into Libra, you don’t in­tend to re­main silent any longer. It’s time to stand your ground. This may not be easy if you are at a crowded party. For more call 0903 658 1010

Scor­pio Oct 24–Nov 22 There will be a flurry of ac­tiv­ity or ex­cite­ment. Typ­i­cally, you may be tied up and could miss out on some of the more fre­netic events, not to men­tion child­ish be­hav­iour. Surely you favour a ro­man­tic week­end? If so, life should seem bliss­ful at times, though not with­out in­ci­dent. For more call 0903 658 1011

Sagittarius Nov 23 –Dec 21 Your con­fi­dence has been slightly knocked back, but you’re ex­tremely re­silient. You could get away with not spend­ing a lot of money this week­end and may be in­vited to at­tend a black tie event. Ac­cept any in­vi­ta­tion that gets you out of the house – you don’t want to be cooped up in­side. For more call 0903 658 1012

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