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Hid­den in the grid is the name of a place in Wales. An­swer the ques­tions, then rearrange the let­ters cor­re­spond­ing to your an­swers to fill in the name. BOX1: What was the lion char­ac­ter called in the Ba­nana Splits? Bingo (O) Drooper (C) Lenny (N)

BOX2: 1960s band The Tor­na­dos also acted as a back­ing group to which singer? Vince Eager (V) Billy Fury (L) Tommy Steele (W)

BOX3: Rus­set is a shade of what colour? Blue (K) Green (C) Brown (E)

BOX4: War­ren Jack­son was the first of three ac­tors to play which Corona­tion Street char­ac­ter? David Platt (U) Peter Bar­low (I) Nick Til­s­ley (A) BOX5: What group of work­ers are rep­re­sented by the BFAWU? Farm­work­ers (L) Food man­u­fac­tur­ers (R) Fire­fight­ers (S)

BOX6: Which jazz mu­si­cian’s real first name was William? Count Basie (L) Duke Elling­ton (E) Bix Bei­der­becke (A)

BOX7: Which char­ac­ter does Hugh Jack­man (pic­tured) play in the X-Men films? Wolver­ine (Y) Pro­fes­sor X (B) Iceman (V)

BOX8: Len­nox Lewis con­tro­ver­sially de­feated whom in his last ti­tle fight in 2003? Chris Byrd (R) Vi­tali Kl­itschko (I) Mike Tyson (L) BOX9: Of which Amer­i­can state is Juneau the cap­i­tal? Michi­gan (T) Con­necti­cut (Y) Alaska (H)

BOX10: Which city do ‘Loin­ers’ come from? Lin­coln (Y) Leeds (P) Le­ices­ter (S)

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