Gen­eral knowl­edge quiz


1 2 3 4 5 6 The Mi­nor Ar­cana of the tarot card pack is made up of Cups, Pen­ta­cles, Wands and which other suit?

New York was named af­ter Bri­tain’s Duke of York, later to be­come which monarch? What is the penul­ti­mate let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet?

The leader of which po­lit­i­cal party con­tested the Hol­born and St Pancras seat at the 2015 Gen­eral Elec­tion? Ac­cord­ing to the proverb, whose wife ’must be above sus­pi­cion’? What’s the con­nec­tion be­tween the words also, re­galia, pure, chain and moan? 7 8 9 10 11 Broad­church is a fic­tional town in which English county? Which for­mer Bond Girl has re­placed Sylvia An­der­son as the voice of Lady Pene­lope in the re­vival of the 1960s se­ries Thun­der­birds Are Go? The theme tune for the drama se­ries The Equal­izer was writ­ten by which Amer­i­can mu­si­cian? Hilda Braid has starred as the mother of the girl­friend of which ur­ban hero? Which Bri­tish ra­dio pre­sen­ter and ac­tress plays the role of Ta­hani in Michael Schur’s fan­tasy-com­edy se­ries

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