Brave store worker ran to help as baby turned blue


A TESCO worker saved the life of a one-yearold who was chok­ing on a cock­tail sausage by the till.

By the time duty man­ager Daryl Be­g­ley, 26, reached suf­fo­cat­ing Mor­gan-Rae she had turned blue and was los­ing con­scious­ness.

Mum Laura Up­ton, 21, had given the teething tot a packet of cock­tail sausages to munch on to stop her cry­ing at the store, ear­lier this month.

But as Laura, from Ply­mouth, paid for her shop­ping her baby be­gan chok­ing on the savoury treat leav­ing Laura scream­ing for help.

Dad-of-one Daryl heard her pan­icked shouts and sprang into ac­tion.

He said: “I was fill­ing a de­liv­ery cage, in the house­hold aisle, when I heard a woman scream for help be­cause her baby was chok­ing.

“I ran over to Laura and saw that Mor­gan was bright blue.”

Quick-think­ing Daryl, who has a daugh­ter, Lily, two, said his in­stincts kicked in and he per­formed an emer­gency ma­noeu­vre on the tiny tot de­spite hav­ing had no first aid train­ing.

He added: “I took Mor­gan off Laura, put her over my arm and tapped her back to dis­lodge the food.

“She be­gan to cry again and I knew that her air­ways were clear. I fish-hooked the food out of her mouth with my fin­ger.

“I held on to her for a cou­ple of min­utes un­til she had calmed down and then I passed her back to Laura.” Daryl fetched a dummy to calm the tot and grabbed wet wipes from the house­hold aisle to clean out her pram.

He said: “I got her a dummy and some wet wipes and cleaned the sick out of her pram.

“I didn’t leave Laura and Mor­gan un­til they were calm.”

Laura was as­ton­ished by Daryl’s ac­tions and said: “If Daryl wasn’t there, I don’t know what I would have done. I have no first aid train­ing. I froze with fear. I felt like I was watch­ing my daugh­ter die in my arms.

“I was hav­ing a re­ally bad day and Tesco was our last stop. My daugh­ter is teething and she had been cry­ing all day.

“I gave her the sausages to stop the tears. She’s had them many times be­fore. I didn’t think any­thing would go wrong.”

Bash­ful Daryl, who works in the Tesco Metro in Ply­mouth, told Laura he didn’t want “to make a fuss”.

Laura posted her grat­i­tude on Face­book, say­ing: “I will al­ways be grate­ful for Daryl’s ac­tions and hope he will be recog­nised and re­warded for go­ing above and beyond.” The su­per­mar­ket gi­ant later gave Daryl its gold award for ser­vice for his act of hero­ism, along with some choco­lates and cham­pagne.

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We are de­lighted to hear that the lit­tle girl is now back to her usual self.

“We are al­ways glad to see our col­leagues go above and beyond and we are award­ing Daryl a gold award for ser­vice, in recog­ni­tion of his quick think­ing and the ex­cel­lent help he pro­vided to the child and her mother.”

LIFE­SAVER: Laura and lit­tle Mor­gan-Rae with Daryl and a packet of the sausages which the tot had been eat­ing

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