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we need some­one with balls to get us out of EU & Theresa May just doesn’t cut it. whole es­capade mak­ing a mock­ery of the 17 mil­lion who voted out, stick 2 fin­gers up, tell them to get lost & walk away. we might get re­spect from EU then..! buchy ty­ne­side Brexit talks could be stalled till De­cem­ber. What the hell is go­ing on May. Just do what you were told to do by 17.5m vot­ers. ANNE FIELD Brexit vot­ers wake up and smell the cof­fee. Both sides in the ref­er­en­dum lied. We’re a bank­rupt joke out­side the EU no­body wants a deal with. Anon I hated Thatcher for what she did to min­ers & this coun­try but got to say she would have made mince­meat out of Juncker & Barnier. SCOUSE If EU think other mem­bers won’t do what Cata­lan has done, de­clared it wants too be on its own, oth­ers in EU will fol­low, when they see what hp­pens to Bri­tain. Stock­ton jeff The Queen is ask­ing Charles to lay her wreath at the Ceno­taph on Re­mem­brance Sun­day, whilst the Duke of Ed­in­burgh will use an equerry to lay his. We are al­ready los­ing soap roy­alty with Rita. Now we’re pos­si­bly look­ing at the real thing. Monar­chist i chal­lenge any tory mp to try and live on ben­e­fits for a month. gina when you see a mother cry­ing on tv due to the mess ov uni­ver­sal credit you won­der how tory mps can sleep at night. leana SNP leader Ni­cola Stur­geon is at it again mak­ing prom­ises to all and sundry in Scot­land which will cost money. Where is the money go­ing to come from Ni­cola? Get on with man­ag­ing Scot­land this is what the SNP were elected to do. Farouk Crosshill re alex: as long as Scot­land are part of this won­der­ful (cough) united king­dom the rev­enues from oil wil be taken by the leeches at west­min­ster. anon2 So we can’t kick out 1m il­le­gal im­mi­grants. No won­der the peo­ple of this coun­try are de­pressed. SCOUSE MOUSE Laugh­ing stock of the world this coun­try. can’t de­port 1m il­le­gal im­mi­grants. Grow a pair and do it. JL Dont the gov­er­ment re­alise 2,000 job losses in the RAF is putting this coun­try in grave dan­ger. We need thou­sands more sol­diers in all the mil­i­tary the way our coun­try and the world is go­ing. Talk about sad. NARROWBOAT Re lily the pink: So are you happy for peo­ple with ptsd or bipo­lar to fight a war? THE PLEB Have you no­ticed that war­mon­gers dont ac­tu­ally do the fight­ing? Strange that. LEO F i agree with lily the pink. very true. this also ap­plys to state pen­sions mak­ing it longer for us to re­ceive it. we have paid taxes for this. give us what is rightly ours for 50-odd years of work­ing. mag­gie Whether she wins the x fac­tor or not, i be­lieve grace davies is go­ing to be a su­per­star. what a great per­former with a unique voice. love her. pos­i­tive t When peo­ple in show­biz are made Dames and Sirs it should be writ­ten into law that they can no longer make cheap de­grad­ing tv ad­verts. Dame Bar­bara Wind­sor and Sir Lenny Henry are prime ex­am­ples. PHANTOM TEXTER So weight­busters Piers Mor­gan and Lord Sugar are bat­tling it out to lose ex­cess pounds in the name of char­ity. Far bet­ter to hold a spon­sored 5 minute si­lence live on Good Morn­ing Bri­tain and the Ap­pren­tice. They would be in­un­dated with spon­sor­ship pledges from view­ers and raise far more money for Great Or­mond Street. Quinny, Mid­dle­ton Pro­nun­ci­a­tion of Lon­don? I am cu­ri­ous. Do the res­i­dents of Lan­dan ever won­der where Lun­dun is? My name is Don Long or is it Dan Lang or Dun Lung. MYS­TI­FIED MIDLANDER Now mor­risons do­ing “vol­canic vin­daloo”. will they be stock­ing toi­let rolls in the fridge? Jimi peters diss nor­folk a man goes to his doc­tor and tells him he’s suf­fer­ing from a long list of ill­nesses. the trou­ble with you, says the doc­tor, is that you’re a hypochon­driac. oh no says the man. don’t tell me i’ve got that as well. shug, cly­de­bank hus­band comes home from work and soon as he walks through door his wife says ‘you never take me any­where ex­pen­sive.’ ‘get your coat on, hus­band replies,’ ‘why where are we go­ing’ asks the wife.’ hus­band replies, ‘the petrol sta­tion!’ arnie, har­ro­gate Just bought my wife a fridge for her birth­day. Oh how her lit­tle face lit up when she opened the door. LEO, LEEDS I am ma­rooned on a desert is­land. in the dis­tance I see a ship sink­ing. then I see two women swim­ming for the shore. out steps Darcey Bus­sell and Kate Gar­raway. oh if only it wasn’t a dream. jim Re celeb stars on page 3. My choice would be Tess Daly, Dav­ina Mc­Call and Anthea Turner. Dave Bil­ston my page 3 would be becky mantin, lu­crezia mil­lar­ini and he­len skel­ton. gary bris­tol Does any­body know the name of the gor­geous girl who does the trivago ad­vert? malc lin­coln imp why are there 3 pre­sen­ters on homes un­der the ham­mer. noth­ing’s changed. BBC wast­ing tax­pay­ers’ money again. tubby leven I en­joy Bar­gain Hunt but can’t stand Anita Man­ning pre­sent­ing it. She gets on my nerves. Asym­met­ri­cal IN our ar­ti­cle “Not a Lotto point” pub­lished on Septem­ber 27, 2017 we re­ported that the Lotto jack­pot had been claimed just 39 times since the rule change two years ago and that there have only been 14 win­ners this year. Camelot con­tacted us to say that the Lotto jack­pot has in fact been won 44 times and there have been 17 win­ners this year. Camelot also point out that 290 mil­lion-pound prizes have been awarded through the Mil­lion­aire Raf­fle which is a key fea­ture of the changes in­tro­duced in 2015. TROU­BLE get­ting hold of your Daily Star? Let us know where and when by text, us­ing the de­tails at the top of the page.

for my wife’s her a birth­day i got break. week­end spa days she had 2 the work­ing on boom check­outs. boom. Cost 25p plus net­work rate. You will be charged even if your text is not pub­lished Text fol­lowed by a space, your com­ment and name to Texts 25p...

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