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MY girl­friend’s kinky tastes are freak­ing me out.

She likes to be spanked and pushed to her very lim­its when­ever we make love.

She en­cour­ages me to in­sult her, call her names and in­flict real pain. She loudly com­plains when I’m too soft.

She screams that she needs to “squeal” in or­der to func­tion.

This just doesn’t come nat­u­rally to me. It’s too strange, but I’m afraid to speak out in case she dumps me.

Some­times she’ll turn up at my flat in just a rain­coat and high heels – noth­ing un­der­neath.

She pre­tends that she’s come to in­ter­ro­gate me and I have to get into role-play mode.


The other night she had me stretched out on the bed – with my wrists and an­kles tied to the metal posts – as she flicked me with a feather duster.

Then out came the rid­ing crop and I freaked out. I or­dered her to un­tie me. She did and hap­pily took my place in­stead.

I just don’t know how I got through the next few hours.

She had me do­ing things that I never imag­ined pos­si­ble.

I was fi­nally al­lowed to fall asleep in the early hours feel­ing guilty, con­fused and ex­hausted.

But, the next morn­ing, she was all smiles. As the weather was nice she sug­gested a ro­man­tic pic­nic down by the river with a movie to fol­low.

I’d hate for her to tell any­one that I’m a wimp who can’t keep up. She’s a bit of a player and dated many other guys be­fore me. She of­ten brags about her sex­ual his­tory and it’s enough to make my hair curl.

We’ve been to­gether for a few months and she’s the most at­trac­tive girl I’ve ever been out with.

But dat­ing her is com­pli­cated and I worry about what might lie ahead. Is she go­ing to calm down or will things be­come even more phys­i­cal and in­tense in time? JANE SAYS: Your girl may well be at­trac­tive and ex­cit­ing, but If you’re out of your depth; if this re­la­tion­ship isn’t work­ing for you; if it’s mak­ing you feel sick and un­com­fort­able; then you’ve got to be truth­ful and tell her “no more”.

The re­al­ity is that she’s on another planet to you.

Yes, she’s sexy and edgy, but you have noth­ing in com­mon.

You don’t like the way she makes love and you aren’t sex­u­ally sat­is­fied your­self. You never know what you’re go­ing to come up against next. Do your­self a favour and walk away. I’m not say­ing that you’re right and she’s wrong; you’re just dif­fer­ent.

Talk to her in a calm, re­spect­ful en­vi­ron­ment. Make it clear that you like her, but feel you’ve gone as far as you can as a sex­u­ally ac­tive cou­ple. The prob­lem is that you can’t give her what she craves and you’d hate for frus­tra­tion or re­sent­ment to ever creep in.

Also, if you gen­uinely live in fear of her “telling tales out of school” and be­ing dis­loyal or in­dis­creet about you, then you’re in the wrong re­la­tion­ship.

I sus­pect that she must be feel­ing that she’s forc­ing a sit­u­a­tion that sim­ply isn’t work­ing too.

She might just be re­lieved to hear that you want out.

SQUEAL AP­PEAL: Wild sauce­pot’s into spank­ing and role play but it’s just not my cup of tea

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