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THINK you know it all? Even the best


brain-boxes can’t get their nut round these mind-bog­gling facts. So think again! From wildlife ex­pert Sir David At­ten­bor­ough, be­low, in­vent­ing yel­low ten­nis balls to 85% of biki­nis never see­ing a drop of wa­ter; some of life’s sil­li­est sta­tis­tics are enough to make you ques­tion your

Dogs see only in blue and yel­low

Bri­tain ex­ports more than 50,000 boomerangs to Aus­tralia ev­ery year

Only fe­male bees can sting you

Only 52% of the UK’s 2,838 speed cam­eras are ac­tu­ally turned on

The USA uses more elec­tric­ity for air-con­di­tion­ing alone than the whole of Africa uses for ev­ery­thing

The av­er­age plas­tic bag gets used for only 12 min­utes... but takes up to

1,000 years to biode­grade

As much Prosecco is drunk in the UK each year as the an­nual rain­fall on Wem­b­ley Sta­dium

The very first ad­vert ever shown on Chan­nel gen­eral knowl­edge. Luck­ily, a new book,

2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller, is jam-packed full of in­for­ma­tion you never knew.

The book is out on Oc­to­ber 18. Here „

JEN­NIFER DUNKERLEY brings you 25 wacky fun facts we bet you never knew...

5 was for Chanel Eat­ing ice cream for

No5 break­fast can in­crease

10% of men­tal alert­ness chipped teeth The Ger­man for con­tra­cep­tive are caused by is “An­tibabyp­ille” pop­corn The Ir­ish get through 50

In the 10 beer mats per per­son, per sea­sons of TV year sit­com Bey­oncé has re­leased more

Friends, the per­fumes than al­bums

six main Mos­qui­toes are re­spon­si­ble char­ac­ters drink for more than half of

1,154 cups of deaths in hu­man his­tory cof­fee A mil­lion plas­tic bot­tles are Men­tion­ing gua­camole in bought ev­ery minute your dat­ing pro­file gets you Em­manuel Macron,

144% more re­sponses pres­i­dent of France, spends Ele­phants can hear bet­ter £24,000 a year on make-up with one foot off the Hor­ror films are the only

ground movie genre in which

Dur­ing World War more women ap­pear Two fish and than men chip shop Ba­bies have own­ers were half as much ex­empt from chance of mil­i­tary ser­vice de­vel­op­ing

Breath­ing in asthma if the air in New there’s a cat in Delhi is the house. equiv­a­lent to So go get a smok­ing 45 moggy! cig­a­rettes a day One third of all

The Tour de flight de­lays in France hasn’t been Europe are caused won by a French­man by French air since 1985 traf­fic con­trollers

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