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DE­CLAN RICE is good enough to play for Eng­land and would be in the squad by now if he’d cho­sen to play for us.

But what ex­actly is he wait­ing for? If you have to spend this long think­ing about which coun­try you wish to play for, maybe you’re just not that keen.

He’s al­ready played for Repub­lic of Ire­land and at least Martin O’Neill has said he wants him. I don’t re­mem­ber Gareth South­gate say­ing that pub­licly.

It might be hard for him to go back and play for Ire­land now af­ter miss­ing so many games think­ing about his fu­ture.He’s go­ing to have his com­mit­ment ques­tioned what­ever he does, and I think he’s been very badly ad­vised.

But he would be wel­comed back I’m sure if he did choose Ire­land. They need the play­ers, and haven’t ex­actly been pulling up trees lately.

I just think he needs to make his choice. It has be­come a saga and it needs to end. You can’t keep string­ing ev­ery­body along. He’s done well for West Ham this sea­son play­ing in mid­field and he looks a real tal­ent. But it might start to af­fect him if he doesn’t de­cide soon.

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