Lads nicked pay­ing Spain bar bill with MO­NOP­OLY money


TWO teenagers have been ar­rested in Spain for try­ing to pay for drinks at a bar with Mo­nop­oly money. The pair now face

the threat of be­ing sent straight to jail after be­ing charged with fraud.

The pals – who have not been named – were booz­ing in a pop­u­lar pub in Ma­galuf, Ma­jorca, when they found the board game notes on the floor.

The notes were re­port­edly colour pho­to­copies with an English in­scrip­tion, mak­ing it clear they were not le­gal cur­rency on the is­land, which uses the euro.

It is be­lieved the bills were part of a pro­mo­tion by the pub.

The teenagers al­legedly tried to pay for their drinks us­ing the notes, and a wait­ress called over the bar’s man­ager.

Po­lice were then sum­moned and of­fi­cers found a huge num­ber of ban­knotes on the pair, who are Ir­ish, be­fore they were ar­rested.

They were held overnight be­fore be­ing bailed by a judge.

A spokes­woman for Ire­land’s Depart­ment of For­eign Af­fairs and Trade said it had not been con­tacted about the case.

She added: “The Depart­ment of For­eign Af­fairs and Trade stands ready to pro­vide con­sular as­sis­tance if re­quested.”

TWO teenagers were ar­rested in Spain for try­ing to pay for booze with Mo­nop­oly money. They must have used all their real cash on ho­tels!

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