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I have some sug­ges­tions as to how Adam Charles (‘ let­ters’, Au­gust 2018 is­sue) can avoid his high-end bot­tle be­ing se­creted away by the host for a later oc­ca­sion when he takes one to a din­ner party, rather than opened for all to en­joy that evening. A few days be­fore the event he should email, or bet­ter still, tele­phone the host and ask broadly what food they are plan­ning to serve in or­der that he can bring ‘a spe­cial bot­tle that will go well’ with it. Hav­ing cho­sen some­thing, he should then ar­rive with the wine suit­ably pre­pared. If it is a white wine, he should make sure it is well chilled and hand it to the host say­ing some­thing like ‘it’s a bit too cold at the mo­ment, just pop it on the ta­ble and it should be just per­fect when we sit down to eat’. Even bet­ter, take a red wine, duly stood for a day then dou­ble-de­canted back into its rinsed-out bot­tle, and say ‘it’s got a rather heavy sed­i­ment so I de­canted it this af­ter­noon – just pop it on the side­board to breathe a bit and it’ll be just per­fect’. It will be a very thick-skinned host who ig­nores these hints and only serves the plonk they had planned. mind you, if Adam fol­lows my ad­vice he may be even less likely to be in­vited again! Patrick Walsh, Eastbourne

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