It’s ig­no­rant to say we are ‘ruled by Brus­sels’

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I RE­CENTLY watched a TV dis­cus­sion in which an MP asked the ques­tion: If Scot­land is keen for its par­lia­ment to be sov­er­eign, why would it con­tem­plate join­ing the EU and so lose that sovereignty?

Was he sim­ply ig­no­rant, or mak­ing a de­lib­er­ately mis­lead­ing state­ment? Par­lia­men­tary sovereignty is never lost. It can in part be ceded where thought ben­e­fi­cial and al­ways re­gained when thought fit to do so.

The UK par­tially cedes sovereignty in al­most ev­ery agree­ment we have with na­tions around the globe – trade, mil­i­tary, po­lit­i­cal, ex­tra­di­tion etc.

Ig­no­rance in this mat­ter has fre­quently shown it­self with re­gard to the EU/UK re­la­tion­ship. “Ruled by Brus­sels” is as ig­no­rant a state­ment as you can get. Ever since The UK joined the EU, UK na­tional in­ter­ests, in the mat­ter of EU laws, were al­ways fully pro­tected.

Dur­ing the pro­posal and draft stages of EU law, we had the un­de­ni­able right to opt out of, or veto, any­thing we be­lieved was not in the UK’s in­ter­est, e.g., opt­ing out of the euro.

How much con­trol we had over EU laws is shown by the fact that, over the past 12 years, we voted for an as­ton­ish­ing 90% of en­acted EU law, hav­ing vet­ted their progress from ini­tial to fi­nal stages. The 10% not voted for were of lit­tle in­ter­est to the UK, or we would have opted out of, or ve­toed them. Ruled by Brus­sels? We were Brus­sels! A ma­jor player in the mak­ing and en­act­ment of EU law. An­thony Jones, Oak­wood

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