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TIME to get se­ri­ous this week read­ers. I need to know where you stand on an is­sue that is very close to my heart. Leop­ard print: Do you love it or do you loathe it?

As you may have gleaned from my open­ing para­graph, I adore the stuff. At the last count I had nine items in my wardrobe bear­ing the brown/yel­low/black mark­ings.

As I write this, I am wear­ing a leop­ard print jumper and have just, mo­ments ago, re­moved a leop­ard print scarf.

Be­fore you start, dou­ble leop­ard is per­fectly ac­cept­able – I read it in a fash­ion mag­a­zine. Like dou­ble denim, it has been re­cal­imed by fash­ion­istas.

Right now my pas­sion is be­ing served purr-fectly well by the fash­ion in­dus­try.

If you have set foot on the high street in re­cent weeks, you’ll know shops are start­ing to re­sem­ble the Serengeti, there’s so much of the stuff on the rails. In ad­di­ton to all the leop­ards: ze­bras, tigers and snakes are also prowl­ing/slith­er­ing about, but I plan to stick with the Pan­thera par­dus (the posh name for leop­ards).

A pleated skirt from M&S, some Dune boots and a shift from Dorothy Perkins are all in my crosshairs.

There is also a but­ton-through maxi dress from

Zara that I keep re­vis­it­ing. I am play­ing the long game on that one, wait­ing to see how many peo­ple I see wear­ing it be­fore I hand over my cash.

The only thorn in my paw (I know it was a lion in the fa­ble, please al­low me the metaphor) is that my hus­band is not a fan.

When­ever I don one of my lovely leop­ard print pieces, the words ‘Bet Lynch’ spring forth from his lips within min­utes of him clap­ping eyes on me.

And he is not the only one who can’t re­sist the leap to the brassy Cor­rie bar­maid. Nu­mer­ous male friends/rel­a­tives have given me an ‘al­right Bet’ to my big cat looks. Es­pe­cially when I wear my faux fur leop­ard coat.

In fair­ness that one is an open goal.

Bear­ing in mind Julie Goodyear has not been on the cob­bles in al­most 15 years, that’s quite a fash­ion legacy.

I sup­pose it could be worse, at least I am never com­pared to that other one to sink her claws into the leop­ard look, Kat Slater.

A straw poll of fe­male friends re­veals many of their part­ners/hus­bands bear the same ill will to­wards leop­ard print as my own.

Most of the women like it, save for one who thinks she may have ‘killed it’ for her­self in her younger days. A leop­ard print dress­ing gown was the fi­nal nail in that sar­to­rial cof­fin ap­par­ently.

The cur­rent trend for all-things leop­ard is hardly new. Chris­tian Dior first used it back in the 1950s and it has barely been out of our clos­ets since.

El­iz­a­beth Hur­ley and Deb­bie Harry are high-pro­file fans. Even the ul­tra-de­mure Au­drey Hep­burn couldn’t re­sist its pull and this sea­son Tom Ford and Vic­to­ria Beck­ham both used the print in their col­lec­tions.

Yes, leop­ard print may be bold and it may be brassy, but for me it’ll al­ways be the (big) cat’s whiskers.

To buy or not to buy: That leop­ard print maxi dress, £39.99, Zara

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