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It is thought that crops were first ac­tively farmed in the Eastern Mediter­ranean, over 11,000 years ago.

Open pol­li­nated crops al­low plants to evolve and adapt to their en­vi­ron­ment, in­clud­ing pest and dis­ease re­sis­tance.

Up to 80% of the seed we grow in this coun­try, in­clud­ing or­ganic seed, is grown else­where.

The largest seed in the world is from the coco de mer, a type of palm tree, and can weigh 18kg.

Con­versely the small­est seed orig­i­nate from an or­chid and the dust like seed mea­sures only 0.8 mi­cro­grams across.

Seed banks across the world store seed in spe­cial­ist con­di­tions to pre­serve them for the fu­ture.

The seed of a date palm found on an ar­chae­o­log­i­cal ex­ca­va­tion in Is­rael, thought to be 2,000 years old, was suc­cess­fully ger­mi­nated and grown into a ma­ture spec­i­men.

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