Which colour space to use?

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QI no­ticed in my cam­era menu there are two Colour Space op­tions: SRGB and Adobe RGB. Which should I use? Hol­lie Hicks

Matty says The Colour Space of­fers a range of colours that can be dis­played in an im­age. For nearly all cir­cum­stances you should leave your cam­era set to SRGB. This is the in­dus­try stan­dard for­mat and all prin­ters and mon­i­tors are set up to dis­play SRGB.

Adobe RGB ac­tu­ally of­fers a wider range of colours by about 35%, but fewer de­vices are ca­pa­ble of read­ing this Colour Space. If you were to up­load an im­age to the web us­ing the Adobe RGB for­mat, then it would be con­verted to SRGB and the loss of colours would ren­der it muted.

A JPEG can dis­play up to 16.7 mil­lion colours re­gard­less of which Colour Space is se­lected, but the dif­fer­ence would be the range of colours avail­able.

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