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Should you add this pano head from Man­frotto to your kit­bag? We find out

On ini­tial over­view, the Man­frotto PIXI Pano360 is a small, com­pact tri­pod head, de­signed with the spe­cific in­tent of be­ing used to cap­ture the per­fect seam­less panoramic shot.

On its base, it has a stan­dard-sized screw thread for at­tach­ing onto a tri­pod as well as a screw threaded head to se­cure it to a cam­era body. The unit also comes pack­aged with a smooth de­tach­able clamp that af­fixes to the top for phone grip­ping. One of the things that makes the PIXI Pano360 that more in­ter­est­ing is the very same thing that lim­its it; its size. As the unit is de­signed specif­i­cally with cam­era phones and CSCs in mind, it only has a 2kg weight limit, which ul­ti­mately means that its in­ter­nal mech­a­nism may not take too kindly to your full-frame cam­era body with tele­photo lens. This is un­der­stand­able though, as the body con­struc­tion is de­signed for porta­bil­ity and seam­less move­ment in or­der to make it the per­fect kit com­pan­ion for the afore­men­tioned smaller cam­eras.

What el­e­vates the PIXI Pano360 from a gim­mick to be­ing a great ad­di­tion to any kit bag is that it of­fers re­mote con­trol via its own com­pact con­troller, as well as app con­trol via your smart­phone or tablet.

With the con­troller, you have ded­i­cated but­tons en­abling you do a full 360 sweep, ideal for phone panos or pan­ning for film, and you can also nudge for in­cre­men­tal step move­ments left or right. As for the app, you can pretty much do the same; it can over­ride the phone’s cam­era to take shots and save to the phone’s cam­era roll, as well as act­ing as a sep­a­rate ded­i­cated re­mote con­trol. In or­der to shoot di­rectly to the app, you will need to at­tach the phone and get hands-on by press­ing the screen to ac­cess the mode you want to use, which can get cum­ber­some as well as high­light­ing that the con­troller wont re­motely trig­ger your phone. But on a pos­i­tive note, when us­ing the app as the re­mote, you have the abil­ity to pro­gram the du­ra­tion of the ro­ta­tion, which is great when us­ing a

CSC. An­other bonus to us­ing the phone app to shoot your panora­mas is that it will dis­play gy­ro­scopic data, in­form­ing you of the an­gle of the unit and whether or not it is level, help­ing to en­sure you don’t gen­er­ate a lop­sided pano.

Cre­ate seam­less panoram­ics with your phone us­ing this pocket-sized pano head from Man­frotto

The PIXI Pano360 comes with a non-abra­sive phone adap­tor that will grip to al­most any phone or tablet with­out caus­ing dam­age, and is ad­justable via the knob at the back SUM­MARY EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY FEA­TURES QUAL­ITY OF RE­SULTS OVER­ALL Right...

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