3 steps to smooth skin

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Dis­cover how to im­prove skin sub­tly and with ease

du­pli­cate layer Open your im­age in Pho­to­shop and du­pli­cate the layer. Name the layer High Pass and then click the blend mode drop-down menu and se­lect the Over­lay op­tion.

Add high pass fil­ter Now go to Fil­ter> Other> High Pass then set the Ra­dius to 9px. This sharp­ens the im­age, but we are go­ing to in­vert it to soften the im­age. Go to Im­age> Ad­just­ments> In­vert.

Smooth the skin Hold Alt and click Add Layer Mask at the bot­tom of the Lay­ers pane. Now se­lect the Brush Tool, choose a soft-edged tip and set it to white, then brush over all of the ar­eas that you’d like to soften.


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