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Pro pho­tog­ra­pher Dave Lehl (dav­elehl.com) ex­plains how he seam­lessly blends each of the com­pos­ite el­e­ments

Ar­range the sub­ject in the im­age The ex­tracted rider was then added to the back­ground and moved into the de­sired po­si­tion in the im­age.

Cre­ate mood I painted in a dark-grey sky, al­tered lo­cal bright­ness and used color Lookups (Im­age>ad­just­ments>color Lookup) to give the street signs some life.

Cut out the rider Go­ing back to Pho­to­shop I cut out andy us­ing the Polyg­o­nal Lasso Tool, as I per­son­ally pre­fer this over the Pen Tool.

Pho­to­graph rider I shot my friend andy in a Den­ver park­ing lot about a month af­ter the Hong Kong back­ground, mim­ick­ing the low per­spec­tive and light­ing di­rec­tion.

Add mood to the sub­ject I used sim­i­lar bright­ness ad­just­ments and color Lookups to make andy be­liev­ably match the mood of the back­ground.

In­clude fog and rain Some fog and raindrops were added for ex­tra depth. Tip: use the Screen blend mode to re­move a black back­ground from a smoke/fog source im­age.

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