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Pho­to­shop is a very im­por­tant tool for the digital pho­tog­ra­pher but, hav­ing said that, you should try and make the best im­age pos­si­ble in cam­era, and only use PS to en­hance good shots and not to fix bad ones. Here are some of the key ed­its to con­sider ap­ply­ing.

COLOUR The green shad­owy area in the bot­tom-right cor­ner was a bit dis­tract­ing, so this was edited first. A new layer was cre­ated with the area erased out, then the back­ground was se­lected and ad­just­ments made us­ing Color Bal­ance and the Dodge Tool.

LEV­ELS A Lev­els ad­just­ment was used to lighten the im­age up a lit­tle.

SHARPEN Although both the bird and peg are in sharp fo­cus, Smart Sharpen can be used to en­hance de­tails.

CROP The last step was to make a small crop while still main­tain­ing the orig­i­nal as­pect ra­tio.



Be­low En­hanced in post Pho­to­shop was used in or­der to sharpen up and lighten the im­age, pro­duc­ing more vivid colours and crisper de­tails 3




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